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I was tagged by @starlight-and-dewdrops !
- Write 25 facts about yourself, you can really write whatever you want!
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1. My favorite color is blue.

2. My ultimate dream is to live in New York.

3. My guilty pleasure is probably musicals.

4. I'm a huge potterhead, I plan to get a Harry Potter related tattoo someday.

5. I lived in Paris my whole life.

6. I'm obsessing over a lot of BBC Series (Sherlock, Luther, Ripper Street...).

7. I draw but I never show anything to anybody.

8. I am very good at making accents.

9. My favorite piece of clothing is a topshop high-low dress.

10. I always have a song stuck in my head, music is a serious part of my life, it really helps sometimes. 

11. I used to be the kind of person who pushed people to do stupid things buts seeing one of my closest friend become a total junkie made me realize that if I wanted to do stupid things, I didn't have to bring the best people in my life down too.

12. I often wear a dress with sneakers.

13. I am nearsighted.

14. I dated a girl to annoy my parents when I was 15 but it didn't annoy them and I discovered that I was completely heterosexual.

15. My best guy friend is gay and one of my closest girl friend is lesbian.

16. I have a huge crush on Wlson Bethel and Johnny Depp.

17. I hate it when it rains. 

18. I've known my best friend all my life.

19. I don't like the fact that I can't see if I already liked a set with the new polyvore. Am I the only one ?

20. I am currently reading HP and the order of the phoenix for the 9999th time.

25. Sometimes I feel like my generation is really fucked up and it scares me.

Ok so there are a lot of random answers and some pretty serious ones, I didn't really know what to put in this.. Hope you can understand me, english isn't my native language.

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Wrote three years ago
And thank you so much for the tag!!! Sorry I forgot to mention that before ahah

Wrote three years ago
Great set!!! My favorite color is blue as well, ahah :D

Wrote three years ago
thank you sweety, make it the next days

Wrote three years ago
oh that seems like fun! :) I totally will try! :D xxx Luciana



More clothes please!

More clothes please!

I love clothes! I believe you all love clothes.. so submit sets with clothes only! enjoy..

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