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Ok, now I've calmed down my nerves and regained the composure... I won't say anything about the song -which is flawless- but the performance! this morning I wanted to die since I had to make some errands and stuff and I was going to miss the performance... but my friend gave me her ipad and OMG!!!!! I died, simple as that, I died! those outfits!!! those freaking amaizng outfits! I can't even say which one is my favorite!!! -probably my least favorite is Dongho's but still it's such a perfect outfit!!!- all those details! Just take the time to see the button's band in Soohyun's shirt T_T so beautiful and Kevin's outfit completely awesome!! Hoon's jacket is so well done but wait Kiseop's shirt!! *sobbing forever the rest of my life* I wish I was more confident about my work so I could show you my last collection and you'd see I added similar details on the collar!!! that shirt is a masterpiece!! seriously I can't believe I'm fangirling over clothes but... but! they made my guys look so fantastic today T_T and even though I should hate those girls dancing with them, I just can't because -probably it's the fact it's not AJ*or neither baby Dongho* the ones touching them- they look good. Just to complete my happiness and add more excitement to my already tousled heart they wore b/w outfits T_T as if the knew how obsessed I've been this past month over b/w T_T no, these guys will seriously kill me someday xD

I'll probably fangirl over them all this weekend so yeah, unfollow me if it bothers you guys! kkkk 
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