Hey guys! It's been sooooo long. Literally, it's been about two months!!! I missed you all , like so PANCAKING much!!!! What?, you might be thinking. Well you see, one of my New Year's resolutions was to stop swearing all the time. Now, I know that I never swear here on Polyvore but things slip. When I talk. Yeah. Ok, so that brings me to my next topic. Merry late Christmas and Happy late New Year's!!!!! Can you believe that it's 2013 already?! And the world didn't end!!! AND, we had a 12/12/12, which btw will not happen agin until 3012. I mean it's gonna happen every 100 years until then (2112, 2212, 2312, and so on) but it won't be the same. Gosh, I'm rambling. I'm gonna stop now. Don't forget you're beautiful OR handsome, and I love you so!!!!
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