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Hi there,
I've pretty much nothing to tell.
But I'll do my best.
So the other day I was in the hospital, doing an MRT because of my foot. And it was so not awesome. It was loud and stupid and at some point I started praying for not making me to sin (the sin was to not move). But I did move. Without even noticing it. At some time the woman there said "We make the last shot again. Please remain still for four other minutes." WORST FOUR MINUTES OF MY LIFE! After that procedure I felt seen through and like they now every bit from my hip down, even though they were just looking at my foot. It turned out that I have a bone that not everyone has (hah, I feel so special with that xD ), but that's not the thing. At least the doctor thinks so. He said that it could have been squeezed a little, but well...otherwise he just saw pretty much nothing, but said that my ankle is still a little touchy, so I shouldn't jump around so much, which means that I'm still not aloud to do any kind of sports. But even more important is that he already knew all of that BEFORE he said that I need to make a MRT. I was sooooooooo damn mad at him. Because that was like the...most horrible thing I've ever needed to do when it comes to diagnosis or any medicine thing. And I thought it's painful to get a mole removed (from the neck) while the anesthetic isn't working. Haha...well, I got 5€ after that, so I probably can't even count that and need to give another example, which I don't have right now, but it would be probably something where the word 'mean dermatologist' is in.
So, I have autumn break since last weeks wednsday (thank god that there is a german unity day and everyone is happy about two bridge days after it - at least the ones who are going to school in Schleswig-Holstein LIKE ME HELL YEAH :D ) and I was at the orthopaedist THREE TIMES! And yesterday I was at the orthodontist to get my retainer back (which I've accidently broke out whooops), yeah -.- It was....just like the last time. I lisped a little bit after it :D
Later the day I met with three friends. We got some dinner (guess where? Yes, you're right - at the Vapiano). Two of them have never been there before, so my friend needed to guide them a little (they were afraid to embarrass themselves, which my friend and I did two when we were there the first time and stupid as we are we told them about that), while I was watching our bags. And I was so hungry. The said I could start eating, but naaaah...I'm too polite to do that :D Okay, well, I ate a few noodles. Couldn't resist :D But hey, in my defense, it was REALLY delicious! http://instagram.com/p/QpK1wvlB_j/
After that we went to the cinema. It was Ladies Night, so it was full as....I don't have a comparison for such a full cinema. And just (old ^^) and giggling Ladies. But well, we got our tickets, we got in, got our free sparkling wine (which was delicious) and then watched the movie, which was really funny. After the movie, where we stood up we were all like "Damn, if I just wouldn't have drunk that sparkling wine, I can't walk straight" We weren't drunk from a little piccolo, it was just the whole combination of being tired, laughing, sitting, drinking :D 
Well, when I was home I got to bed immediatley. Funny night. Definetly should do that again soon. When I have time. Even though I'm just...relaxing. Even though I don't feel relaxed at all. Maybe next week. I hope so. I need to get some sleep to feel awake again. Because right now I feel kinda like a vampire. And that like over two years now wuuuuh you should think about that. Especially because it's in the middle of the night right now :D
Well, heeeeeey, tonight Germany is playing against Ireland. I love the Irish fans. They're cool. And I hope our team will not make me feel ashamed again tonight, because the match against austria was just indescribably awful. BEG THAT MY JERSEY WILL BE WASHED! Last time it wasn't....oh...maybe that was the reason why....well, they won, so...but it was undeserved (I hate to say that, but it's true)...okay, whatever. Hope you like this set and everything. I probably have much more to tell, but right now I'm just marathon typing, because I'm so damn tired and I just want to get to the end of this damn blog so I can get into my heaven of bed.

Buenas noches y hasta luego, mis amigos :D 
x's & o's


For my pain buddy @hijabikebabi & my asthma buddy @tell-me-more - hey guys http://static.themetapicture.com/media/funny-gif-Iron-Man-high-five.gif :D
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