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Aug 3- The School is holding tryouts for an adaptation of the movie Heathers. Try out starts today
Mallorie heard about the tryouts going on for Heathers and was curious to see how things were going. Thinking of trying out herself as it couldn't hurt to have another thing to get her mind off the things bothering her.

She walked into the auditorium and eyed the other girls, walking to the front to wait for her name to be called. Wearing her own style of 80's chic with her blazer sleeves rolled up, a button down, pearls and heels. Her matching navy pencil skirts was comfortable enough even if the shoes weren't. 

"I'm trying out for Heather McNamara. The Heather that ended up falling apart. I'll start at the beginning.."

Mallorie took a deep breath, a slightly haughty look upon her features with a smirk, she was up to no good as she went into character. "God, come on Veronica."

"What is your damage, Heather?" The director's assistant spoke the line between.

Mallorie responded with a shrug of her shoulders, "Don't blame me, blame Heather. She told me to haul your ass into the caf, pronto. Back me up, Heather."

"Yeah, she really wants to talk to you. ... Okay, I'm going. Jesus Christ." The woman spoke the next two lines in monotone.

She swiveled around in her heels and walked away from the center stage. Coming back to speak again, "I'm quite sure that I can convey the different sides of Heather M. From the haughty, nothing can go wrong for her princess and head cheerleader to the grief stricken and world falling apart suicidal girl she becomes."

A smile given to the director, exiting the stage and heading out to meet Cameron for lunch.
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