Konstantina Tarasov 
From: Penza, Russia 
Age: 18 
Likes: Fur (obviously), being left alone, poorness
Dislikes: Rich people, weakness, not being in control, eating too much Konstantina is never seen without a dead animal around her body, and by that we mean fur. Whether it’s fox or cow-skin, her attire entails a, well, tail – at the least. Her pout sticks out farther than Pinocchio’s nose and she’s got those piercing blue eyes that could drown you in a swirling pool and hypnotize your poor soul for eternity. She swings when she walks and has an allure to her speech as she slurs her r’s and chops her c’s. Born to a rich father and mother who were involved in politics and never cared for her character but rather how her hair was done for parties, Konstantina eloped at seventeen with a boy who had made his fortune by the age of twenty. After just five months, she divorced him – and at the same time inherited an unimaginable wealth. She is superior and has a very dominant character, therefore is very judgmental and critical, but it doesn’t reduce her enchanting spirit. Whenever there’s a boy around, she has a sense of predominance, and the boys feel like they have less control, something they are not content with. As a result, boys are actually quite afraid of her and shy away when she’s around. Will a boy man-up, confront her, and fall in love, or will she be lonely with her animals forever?
Model: Anna Gushina
Hey, I'm Konstantina. I love fur and I hate rich pretentious b.itches. Introduce yourselves.
Comment if you want to be friends/enemies/whatever.
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