Hey Guys,
So these few days have gone back to how they were about a week ago, so I haven't published in I think 2 days? 
Anyway I hope you guys like this and I'll try to publish more often, it's hard now I have more going on in my life. Good or bad
But remember,
Lululovesyou xx

"Some people search their whole lives to find what I found in your eyes"
I love this quote. I guess it relates a lot to me at the moment, but not on such a serious level. I guess this is because I'm with my first boyfriend at the moment and have been for almost 2 months. I've found something in his eyes that people are always looking for in another person. I found trust and respect for me and that he really does love me. Maybe I'm 14 and I don't know what love is, but no one does until you've found someone you want to spend you life with. I don't want to spend my life with this boy, of course not. I want to get out of this town of mine and travel the world, meet people I'll always remember and make memories that will last my life time. I want to go move to a big city full of opportunity's and people who will help me get where I want to be in 10 years.
I've found what I'm looking for from someone. And that's just how it is.
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