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"Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock" CREAM version
[Cream is my fab J-artist]
Have a nice weekend to all of you.

Okay my hand look big coz i throwing balls too much.

Today I get the result Italian test since last 2 month just received at this time? and want to tell mom sorry!!

The result not better not bad from 71/100 i should study hard..[i hope i can reaching to 90 in someday]
Firstly I'm not interest in Italian language ,last 2 years ago my life started to contact with Italian ppl and my mom really want me to learn so bad coz she's a part of Italian girl be nice if you can just only fundamental level... mom will be happy so i started to learning how to writing but so bad in me i'm too weak in language.

I can speak fluent in English,Japanese,Korean&Chinese,just can made conver for Italian,Russian,Thai,Hindi [not in an accent] but so bad when i turn to writing I don't know why i can't writing with right sentence likes i watching Russian movie with no sub...for all language i learning from my parents that i'm so glad to be natural born from mixed and I moved a lot when i was young Moscow city come into my mind remember how hard to spell and i think Russian is mostest hard since i ever learning.

I found out each language have unique character different from English some language spelling and writing isn't the same like Japanese ,Thai language if you put vowel wrong absolutely wrong to sentence.
that why Google translator is wrong for another language likes Japanese ,Thai coz vowel,consonant,mark isn't same translate as Eng they used for prefix&subfix sometime by circumstance.
 ..Never trying to learning how to write after you can speak it well ..that when i travelling in China i'm always got fooled coz i can't read mandarin ..i don't know vocab i used brain remember just like this just like that.
You know i ever got C+ from selective international subject killing proud of my mom so bad,seriously only me who can speak another language my bro can only Jap&Eng..
So yaaaaaa don't be sad with my result i'll improve in the future.i'll be fluent in fifth-lingual? if i'm not confuse..

Sorry very long ...
i 've time to write it .
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