Someday - Super junior http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3SyAxZB_5E

Eeteuk must have the hardest time of his life now. He lost his father, his grandfather and his grandmother at once... I just can not imagine how heartbroken he and his family are feeling now. Losing one family member is hard enough let alone 3 in one day. ㅠㅠ So let's give Teuk family the privacy they need to grief and mourn

At time like this, I hope the media and sasaeng fans can stay out of this. Please let the family mourn in peace.Please, if you love him don't go to the funeral. Let him and his family quietly bid farewell to the deceased.

ELF’s, lets be strong for our leader and his family in this heartbreaking time. I can’t even imagen how they must feel… But since I myself can’t even function properly anymore and is crying from time to time, I don’t even want to imagen how they must feel…… Lets pray for them, and lets be strong for our leader who is always the one to be strong for us and his members. That’s all we can do, so lets continue with our support and be strong for them all.

I don’t see him as Super Junior. 
I don’t see him as Lee Teuk.
I don’t see him as the leader of Super Junior.
I don’t see him as a hallyu star.
I see him as an ordinary guy, Park Jung Soo, who’s serving the army, who lost 3 family members in a day without getting to see them for the last time.
My deepest condolences to Park Jung Soo and family
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