Such a long time No Kai set..I really like this baby Kai coolest..
Today wanna share about SMTown Live @tokyo Dome[Aug,04-05] 
and might be my worst time ever i was travel from London-Tokyo 2 times just because I forgot the date.

Concert started since 6PM with ~55000 fans in the dome i skip another part..just talks only EXO. 

I joined 2 days with the VIP zone save from noisy fans bothering my ears and can focus those handsome in HD vision.VIP zone full of Homin fans and almost they’re ahjumma [female fans ages over 35] just me who show banner "Only Kai" LOL:))

I dragged my friend @Stephaniee90 come with me and thanks to her she took so many pics and record Audio ,we both not SM fans at all.
I've Audio record if you want to listen i'll post on my blog and give you link. 

From my views:
Kris: I think most handsome among EXO[but i like Kai more],charisma,super tall,always acts cool kinda not kind personat first sight.
Xiumin:Extremely cute for real.
Luhan: The real flower boy he've tiny body like a girl even pretty lips.
Yixing:Kinda shy,less talk I expect so much so near future his diva side will show us ,and look shorter than see it from photo shoot~ 172-175 I think.
Chen:Surprise me he kinda nice and playful with his amazing voice.
Tao: Look older than his age ,a couple with Kris about showoff on stage.

Suho:Totally pale,Short and kind goes so well with nick name Appa.
Beakhyun: Playful,talkative,cute,his voice impress me most among EXO he can sing,dance,entertain well.
Chanyeol:Super tall,skinny,talkative always smile,his eyes so wide&big.
D.O: just O_0 all the time,another real short one,his voice so beautiful ,shy like a kid.
Sehun:Another super pale aura one,skinny and i think Sehun is pretty boy look so handsome than i thoughts more than see it from photo shoot and really shy.
Kai:Hehe<3 Kai is really handsome,look mature,look so much better with dancing skill in real than see it from Youtube,always smirk and cute as the same time,like i've said often he not look so much dark just another member look super pale like their have no blood[Suho,Sehun,D.O,Kris]
Not my first time to see EXO-K in real but this time see it from big concert,and confirm by me Suho,BH,D.O same tall as me and not reaching 170 CM like found it on profile but nothing I care for their hight.

While performed DJ falling in love again,Sehun come closed with my sight & he waves to fans in font of me also Kai too but his eyes not focus on my area like SH had done.
also the most ,from my area HoMin always come & those ahjumma near me always scream..

Wondering right why Con in Japan lack of fancam,Youtube take it out since Fuji T.V claims it Copyright issue not only Fuji TV but all channel , will on air again in T.V also SM will releases DVD for sell..almost fans not post anything on Youtube excepted acc from non-Japan,i also filming too just gave it to my friend did it,i spent my times to enjoy their live more.

Don't ask me about another not my fab only 1/10 from whole live i spent my 600$ for this Awww~ i'm sorry to my pocket money.

but i'm not sorry to travel London-Tokyo 2 times. since I bought SM Con tickets 320$ [VIP] around 26500 Yen while BigBang Tickets lower than SM just 250-280 $ YG has the right hands to sell over 300$ but they didn’t ,and seriously so much better in life to joined YG Con if EXO not here i swear never ever give money to SM again.

However,on Aug,18 SM live in Seoul i'll come to join them again mmm,this time my sis give me free ticket Yahoo ∩( ・ω・)∩, ( ・ω・), etc
 wanna share later..
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