someday, i'll be like the man on the screen (playlist)

i think i was going for songs that don't sound depressing but have depressing lyrics, but i don't know how much i actually accomplished that
helplessness blues // fleet foxes
i met up with the king // first aid kit
some boys // death cab for cutie
twin size mattress // the front bottoms
you are what you love // jenny lewis
no rest for the wicked // lykke li
cheerleader // st. vincent
a man/me/then jim // rilo kiley
still sane // lorde
pawn shop blues // lana del rey
sweet adeline // elliott smith
cosmia // joanna newsom
  • ヘラーゲイ
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    "helplessness blues // fleet foxes
    now after some thinking,
    i'd say i'd rather be
    a functioning cog
    in some great machinery,
    serving something beyond me" — @monastic
    Tayla / 15 / Anime / Nature / Supernatural ♡ I touched Misha Collins ♡ instagram; tayladispute
  • L N
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    "i met up with the king // first aid kit
    i met up with the king
    his body had begun to rot
    & he said, "don't think less of me,
    i'm still the same man
    i used to be."
    but no one believed him" — @monastic
  • sleepy
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    "some boys // death cab for cutie
    some boys don't listen,
    some boys don't listen at all.
    they don't ask for permission,
    they lack inhibitions
    no walls, and they get what they want" — @monastic
    my name's laila and i love long books and modern art and looking up at the stars and my blog is messy but i hope you like it.
  • streets in the sky
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    stereophonics, arctic monkeys, the enemy, stone roses, courteeners, the kinks, blur and the...
  • Tumblr
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    "twin size mattress // the front bottoms
    this is for the lions
    living in the wiry broke down
    frames of my friends bodies.
    when the flood water comes,
    it ain't gonna be clear.
    it’s gonna look like mud." — @monastic
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  • I am a ghost
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    "you are what you love // jenny lewis
    i'm fraudulent, a thief at best
    a coward who paints a bullshit canvas
    things that will never happen to me
    but at arms length, it's tim who said,
    "i'm good at it, i've mastered it
    avoiding, avoiding everything."" — @monastic
    seqour: “my view everyday during history ”
  • cold hands & fainting spells
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    "no rest for the wicked // lykke li
    there'll be no rest for the wicked
    there's no song for the choir
    there's no hope for the weary
    if you let them win without a fight" — @monastic
    I'm Timea. I adore CATS, Tomb Raider game series, Star Wars movies and the Culkin brothers. I collect weird things and write short stories about all kinds of people. Novi Sad.
  • ❁☽
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    "cheerleader // st. vincent
    i don't know what good it serves
    pouring my purse in the dirt
    but i don't wanna be your
    cheerleader no more" — @monastic
    nothing is infinite, not even loss. you are made of the sea and the stars, and one day you are going to find yourself again. -f. butler ☼ |
  • sweet dreams are made out of these
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    "a man/me/then jim // rilo kiley
    the slow fade of love,
    its mist might choke you.
    it's my gradual descent
    into a life i never meant.
    it's the slow fade of love." — @monastic
    winkh: “ indie/bambi blog ✰ ” bambi // indie
  • who needs you
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    "still sane // lorde
    only bad people
    live to see their likeness
    set in stone.
    what does that make me?" — @monastic
    i should’ve worn tights
  • lost boy
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    i'm anthony and i suck. :-)
  • ♡ s e m p i t e r n a l ♡
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    "pawn shop blues // lana del rey
    in the name of higher consciousness
    i let the best man i knew go
    because it's nice to love and be loved
    but it's better to know all you can know" — @monastic
  • English Rose
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    "sweet adeline // elliott smith
    it's a picture-perfect evening
    & i'm staring down the sun
    fully loaded, deaf and dumb and done
    waiting for sedation to
    disconnect my head
    or any situation where
    i'm better off than dead" — @monastic
    Plants and docs
  • Radiate Positive Vibes
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    ☯Get high and laugh at nothing ☯
  • howl
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    "cosmia // joanna newsom
    water were your limbs,
    and the fire was your hair —
    and then the moonlight caught your eye,
    and you rose through the air.
    well, if you’ve seen true light,
    then this is my prayer:
    will you call me, when you get there?" — @monastic
    holy rain

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