so i tried to make a normal set for once and it's okay, i guess 

you should read the passage in this though, it's pretty interesting. can't say i agree with it 100% but hey, a look into a new perspective every once in a while cant hurt.

the outfit in this is perfect i think, and i wish i was wearing it.. i need to go shopping and i really want vans and i hope my mom will buy them for me, ever since i got my first job she seems really reluctant to pay for any of my stuff.. not like i'm complaining necessarily. i dont know. summer is approaching which is awesome and that means i've only got about 3 weeks of school left and a potential summer boyfriend also, yay me. i want 3 pairs of shoes right now and that's really unlike me because if you know me in real life i only have about 3 pairs of shoes that i wear regularly.. also shorts, cool shirts too. god i need to stop buying plain shirts especially v necks it's getting out of hand
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