Stuck In The Middle by Boys Like Girls. The song describes how I feel 24/7 so adequately. I am excited for 11 Dec, their new album — Crazy World — will be out! :D 

Short bloggy:
1. I wish Singapore had Black Friday sales too. A H&M shirt for 5 bucks? Yes please. I hope you guys get awesome deals, but be careful! I was watching CNN report on the people who have been hospitalised already... Cause they got pushed down and stepped on. Sigh. 
2. Christmas is in the air! Atmosphere! Every atom in my body! The Christmas lights all around my city is beautiful, I love the decorations. Walking down the street can literally bring a smile to my lips. Gotta get started on the Christmas shopping too! Although there aren't Black Friday sales (cries), the Christmas sales are pretty decent. I was thinking of doing some DIY presents too, a productive way for me to spend my time! I will update you guys more on it next time. 
3. This set is stripped down, I had this epiphany that some of my sets are rather cluttered. Or they just seem that way to me, so I decided to take things simple today :)
4. I need the next episode of Once Upon A Time. Did I mention how sexy, and unbelievably hot (imagine this in italics) Captain Hook is? In shows, I really like pompous pumpkins. In real life it's a whole different matter my goodness. Pompous pumpkins can get quite annoying sometimes :p ANYWAY, Captain Hook is a cool character and my emotions get out of control as I watch him. Do you ever get that? Like your feelings are a bottle of many layers of coloured sand. Distinct layers. But something just comes along and disturbs that serenity in the bottle, leaving your feelings in a chaotic mess that is not gorgeous at all. Haha what am I talking about here?! :p
5. Happy (belated) birthday to @ropearoundyourneck @ladybirdfb, @mariloo and @helenstyle! When you are feeling low, just remember that there is always a brighter day ahead! Don't let things get you down, stand up and fight back ;)
6. The top reminded me of @ashley-rebecca, the lover of all things sparkly hehe :D

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That's all from me~
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