leah cabrera
an urban affair


Leah Cabrera, 23
"pretty eyed, pirate smile, and now she's in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my head"
Likes: coffee, New York City, rainy weather, fashion, vintage cars, her apartment, photo collages, breakfast, quality time with friends, music, old b/w movies, high heels
Dislikes: ueber-hyper people, bad hygiene, pretending, greasy food, ignorance, low standards, the color orange, bad manicures, lying politicians, cakey make up
Style: minimalistic, sophisticated with edgy statement pieces
Job: Fashion Editor At ELLE
Bio: Leah isn’t one to be messed with. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in that everything-but-loveydovey atmosphere shaped her into becoming the person she is now. Something about the way she moves, the way people treat her will show that she’s not just some gorgeous girl with fashionable clothes and money. There’s a lot more to her than meets the eye, a lot more than what she allows the world in.
From early on she’s learned that in this world you have no one to depend on but yourself. She’s a one-woman-army. She’s got herself and that’s all she needs. Strength, intelligence and determination make her such a valuable co-worker, but it’s her sarcasm and individualism that make her stand out. She does her own thing, not taking in consideration what people will think of her or her actions. 
But she’s also a human, a very complex, intriguing one. That desire to be perfect? Fear of imperfections. Of not being enough. Does that tough as nails woman need support and someone to lean on? Definitely. Would she ever admit it? Over her dead body. 
Instead of going through the hussle and fussle of letting people in and being hurt she pushes everyone away, relying solemnly on herself. But whoever manages to break that shell will be surprised. Having her on your side is a blessing. Having her against you? Hell will seem inviting. She’s worked her way up and it wasn’t easy. She has no intention of letting anything or anyone get in her way. Whatever it takes, she’ll fight. She knows what she wants, she has what it takes and that’s all that matters. For now. 
Storyboard: http://www.polyvore.com/someday_you_will_find_me/set?id=38539749
Dating Status: Single
Model: Rosie Huntington Whiteley
Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1177276
Taken by: @savethemadness


Avery Gauge, 42 
Avery’s story is one of those, that would have inspired a Guns ‘N Roses song. She was beautiful, something that got her into a lot of trouble. She was born into an unstable family that couldn’t offer any security to their daughter. She was always an outsider, always alone, somehow strong and independent. But it wasn’t true and it showed when at the age of 12, she tried committing suicide. Her family didn’t take notice of this, considering it simple teenage rebellion. Only five years later, after numerous worrying events, was she diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Still, her environment didn’t in any way support her and it wasn’t a surprise, when at the age of nineteen she fell head over heels for a way older guy and got pregnant. 
She wanted to offer her daughter a different environment than the one she had, but she wasn’t capable of beating her disorder. She lived her whole life with the constant guilt, that she was just a burden on her daughter and eventually decided leaving would be a better option. 

Caleb Cabrera, 48 
Caleb was one of those children, that organizations try to save and whose existence you try to overlook. He’s never been one to talk, so Leah has never had a chance to find out what made him tick the way he did. Her mother tried to blame it on his family, but Leah could never forget that he could have gotten her mother to stay, but instead he’d driven her away.
They’d always had a strained relationship, but it got worse when her mother left. His drinking habits got worse, the random women at the flat kept coming and the constant hurtful words. 
Ever since she left his place, she’s never had any contact with her dad anymore and even though she expected it to be easy, it turned out harder than she thought it would. But what can a little girl do, if her father doesn’t want anything to do with his daughter? 


Noah Smiths, 24
Job: Unknown 
Bio: Noah, with those dreamy eyes, those washboard abs, that messy sex-hair. Noah, with his ability to get heartbeats racing, to make heads turn. Noah, with his ability to make Leah lose her head and let herself go, let herself fall in love with the devil himself. It started out with a harmless crush, and turned out to be the most intense, actual love she’d ever experience up until now. 
Their relationship was far from perfect, both of them being such dynamic, stubborn, young people. They clashed a lot and they made up a lot. It was exactly how first loves were, innocent, passionate and so captivating. Moody, mysterious, always pushing and pulling. He was her shoulder to lean on, the best friend she was in love with. 
The last time she saw him was before her departure for Paris and let’s just say, it didn’t go well. Ever since, they haven’t been in any kind of contact. Not a day goes by without her thinking about him, and going through all those What Ifs. 
Dating Status: Unknown
Model: Jared Leto


Cole Fisher, 26
Job: CEO of Fisher & Co
Bio: Cole was born the eldest son to the high society power couple Fisher. The expectations were high, but Cole never seemed to have trouble making his family proud and keeping the family image clean. His life had been planned out for him; graduate a private school with a 4.0, get into Harvard and then take over the family company. 
He didn’t disappoint the world, he excelled. Everything seemed to come easily to him, the golden boy everyone was so proud of. He’s never complained, either, being quite happy with whatever he has. But lately, his parents have been stressing him about getting into a serious relationship and the pressure coming from the media has definitely effected him. 
What could it be, that’s keeping this golden boy from ticking that last box off? Failure, the only failure he’s ever known in his life. He might be smart, but when it comes to women he hasn’t had such luck. Could a Leah Cabrera change that? She’s caught his eye, and well, that’s the first step. 
Dating: Single, but interested in Leah
Model: Henry Cavill

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