**TOP SET FOR OCT 31 2013**

You can read below how depressed I was but again once again thank you thank you thank you to @polyvore @polyvore-editorial for including my set in the top sets for today. I just can't believe it. I am so happy :) Thank you for this gift xoxo 

xx I wonder why I always keep trying.xx
Is there a "most unlucky person in the world contest" out there? I might just win.

You might remember the set I made, Silver Lining http://www.polyvore.com/silver_lining/set?id=84904224 . In that set I told you about how unfortunate I am and how no matter how I try I always fail. In that set I was still positive, hope was still there that someday, somehow my life will get better but guess what, It's been months of trying and things just keep getting worse for me.

All I'm asking for is a single chance, a little beacon of light somewhere, a little good news, a little morale booster IS THAT SO HARD TO HAPPEN?!

My God, 21 years of my existence and 21 years of suffering and frustrations, of trying to have a normal happy life and all I get are continues failures! Can't I just have a break?? 

I wake up everyday trying to be the most optimistic person I ever can and when I sleep at night, it's still the same.

One time I felt so bad I accidentally sang a song based on how I felt and here are some of the lyrics:

Everything's so tiring
I'm so tired of trying
but what can I do,
This is my life
What can I do?

You wake up in the morning
and nothing is still changing
If this is your life, what will you do?
But this is my life what should I do?

Everything's in vain
All the effort and pain
No gain"

You can't say you have a terrible life until you live in my shoes.

I've been cheated, been left by everyone, been back-stabbed, been abused, lost everything.

 And now that I'm moving on things get so bad and I receive no light of hope at all!

I want to cry but I can't because I know I have to be strong. I have to keep trying, keep hoping that someday I'd be appreciated at what I do and things will finally get "better". I can't stop hoping even if things have been so discouraging lately because as of now HOPE is the only thing that keeps me going and I believe that hope is what keeps you going too. Without hope, everyone must have jumped off a cliff and ended everything.

My dears i dedicate this to you sorry for the very often tags. it's just I view my sets and essays as a way of communication with you. Even if we don't always send messages, in my heart you are my friends and I want you to know that I always think of you.

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