I was tagged by my two lovely Polyfriends @dear-inge and @e-daniels in their black&white sets - http://www.polyvore.com/postcard_from_far_away/set?id=70919007 and http://www.polyvore.com/radiant_in_black_white/set?id=72090545 - so I thought it was about time for me to do a little tag-challenge-set as well! :)
- The set must be in black & white
- Include a song you always listen to
- Include an item you have been waiting to use
- Tag me so I can see your new set and then 6 of your lovely polyfriends

So I finally got to use this absolutely flowing, lovely skirt that I managed to turn into a dress in this specific set (wouldn't mind if there actually would be a dress like this to find somewhere..).

And a song I've recently listened to a lot is "Someone like you" by Adele - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLQl3WQQoQ0
to me it has come to have a slightly different message than what the original lyrics actually suggest, and it now means a lot to me. I have someone I miss and I miss you a lot.

I would like to tag a couple of my very favourites on here, (sorry for tagging some of you quite often recently but take it as a loving compliment, I obviously can't quite get enough of your creations) you inspire and amaze me a lot and Polyvore wouldn't be the same without you guys :)
@ashley-rebecca @ohwow-queenbee @iluvatar @kaliam @pauly-23 @magdafunk 

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