For "I tag you with Asian Actor/Actress" Contest:

I was tagged by @hello-chello :

and she picked for me Lee Minho ^^ I love him :) 

Who doesn't? haha :D

1. Make a set with Asian actor/actress you were tagged with. 
2. Submit your set to the contest.
3. Tag other Asian lovers with actor/actress of your choice!

I tag: 
@eridaniaa141 : Gong Yoo
@terrelyn-thomas-no-tags : Kim Jae Wook
@denisa-hosook : Kim Bum


I got mad at my friend yesterday


About a year ago we had a huge fight, in which it was his fault because he lied to me and made up some excuse to not hang out and instead went to a party that all my friends were going to. So of course they told me they had seen him there and he was not with his sick grandmother...

I remember being so pissed at him that he had ditched me like that, especially since I thought we were really close. 

He found out from a friend, a close friend of both of us, that I was extremely pissed at him, for betraying my trust like that. 

Of course then he decided to avoid me because I knew I was mad at him.

Which lead to four months of us not talking. It was alright since we had no classes together so we didn't really have to see each other. 

But during summer he came to my house with flowers to apologize and said that he had been "stupid" and he regrets ever doing that, because it took until I stopped talking to him to realize how much he missed me. (His words here) 

So I gave him a second chance; and I can not deny that he worked hard to prove that he was sorry to me. We talk more because of it and he opens up to me and even though he is super busy he makes as much time as he can to talk to me even if it is not a lot. 

He is not perfect, but he has shown that he wants to be my friend.

But now here is where the problem lies.

I went to the movies with him on Friday, and we were talking about this one girl in his grade who really likes him and keeps talking to him. And of course he likes someone else so he is not interested in her at all. But I remembered earlier that week he had said that he finally agreed to going to the movies with her that Friday (the same day that I am with him). So I ask him what happened with that, did they have to cancel? 

He said that he regretted giving into her and had instead told her he was "busy" and came to the movies with me.

He basically did the same thing to that girl that he did to me last year. Sure the situation is different but he lied none the less. 

Does it make sense that I am mad at him? 

He didn't do anything wrong to me 

but he did to the other girl

Do I have the right to be mad at him? Or am I taking this out of proportion? (Like is it not my business?) 

And I am kind of confused on how to act with him. He is being nice to me and I know he cares...but his ethics towards others is making me uneasy 

I don't want to end the friendship because he worked to gain it back with him, but is it alright to be friends with someone like that? 

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