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I know those pictures aren't the best but I actually like them.

Anyway, I am back to my writting so here is a little piece of what am I working on now. I hope you enjoy it.
What this ~ means: what does she think to herself.


»Omg, are you serious?!« she screamed. ~Drama queen. ~I never really liked her, but she was my only friend here. I hated this school. Why did we even move here? Stupid new school, stupid new people. Well, except Jason. He was like the only normal person there. And I really liked him. So, anyway, Laura was so shocked when I told her I liked him, that she went totally crazy. I totally regret telling her.
»Yeah, I'm serious. Do you have a problem?« I said angry, but she didn't even notice.
»Omg, omg! But I totally get you, he's like so hot. I heard he broke up with Kim yesterday! I can't…« I stopped listening. ~I know he broke up with her, I was the reason. Fuck. ~I couldn't tell Laura anything. I was a bit drunk on a party day before that and I told him I liked him. And he was nice to me since my first day there, so I obviously thought he liked me too. But then like a second after I told him I liked him, his girlfriend came by looking for him. His girlfriend. They kissed in front of me, well actually she kissed him… Anyway, I was freakin' embarassed so I kind of run away. I should wait, but I just had to say something after only two weeks knowing him. God, I was stupid. I moved to London two weeks ago and the only person I knew was my cousin Laura. My first day wasn't even that big of a disaster, because I met Jason. I bumped into him at the hallway and he was so nice to me, we've been friends since that accident. Nobody told me he had a girlfriend. Well, why should they?
»I know. Were they dating for a long time?« I asked. She was so happy when she could gossip, it was kind of funny. She wasn't that bad, but I just hated all that drama.
»I think they only dated for a month, nothing serious. So, why are you so interested?« she asked contentedly. 
»It doesn't matter. Besides, who cares if they broke up? I only like him, I'm not going to go crazy because they don't date anymore.« I totally lied. ~If he broke up with her..that means he likes me too. Right?~
»Hi,« he sad. I was lost in my thoughts and I didn't see him coming. My heart started pounding like crazy when he touched my hand. I jumped away, shocked. Jason looked at me like a lost puppy, quickly turned and walked away. Laura was just standing there speechless and she was looking at me like I murdered someone.
»What?!« I said angry.
»Do you realize you just turned down amazingly hot guy, that you like and that, obviously, likes you and he left his girlfriend because of you? And did I mention you two were testing and hanging out for the last two weeks? Like all the time. Girl, you're crazy.« I just sighed as I sign I gave up on her. Of course I'm not going to just jump in his arms after what happened yesterday. He never told me he was dating Kim. And he was leading me on, so he should. ~I hate boys. ~
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