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{the girl}
Camille is that lovely baby-faced model who's been rocking runways since the age of 16..but had the unfortunate luck of getting involved with the sex, drugs, and rock`n`roll scene, no thanks to party-boy Owen Price. Camille was at the top of the top, then took a dangerous fall down to the bottom. She was exiled from the fashion world and forced to check into rehab. 18 months later marks the rise of the queen, who's more than ready to make her comeback with the help of Victoria's Secret. She's got the look, the talent, and the passion, but does she have the strength to resist the temptation of her life prior?

- - - -

{the family}
Myles Levi, 52
(Antonio Banderas)
Camille is Myles's only daughter, and even though it would be assumed that he'd spoil her, he never did. Myles is part-owner of the fashion brand 'Irrelegance' with his wife. He's the business-savvy, hard-working type with a talent for designing extravagant haute couture works of art.

Vanessa Levi, 49
(Catherine Zeta Jones)
Vanessa is the doting mother of Camille, who was also responsible for introducing Camille into the world of fashion (and eventually pulling her out of it). She is the second-half of 'Irrelegance' with her husband, and is the one who puts all of their creations together. She's sweet and cheerful but has always been a little spoiled.

- - - - 

{the life}
Camille's past is plagued with bad mistakes and poor decisions (usually when drugs and alcohol are involved). But she's promised she's cleaned up her image, partly to succeed at Victoria's Secret. However, don't expect Camille to be totally changed: she still wears her rather revealing outfit choices (a habit she's trying hard to drop) and still hangs out at her old apartment in the Upper East Side. On the plus side, Camille has been sober for about 16 months now.

- - - -

{the boys}
Owen Price, 25
(Orlando Bloom)
The infamous Owen: party-boy trust fund kid, heir to a mega business tycoon, the mastermind behind Camille's downfall and the one boy she can't seem to shake. They were the 'it' couple ages ago, but he was partly responsible for her out-of-control spiral down. Obviously, Owen was a bad influence on Camille, so she ended up having to avoid him at all costs. She hasn't spoken to Owen since entering rehab, but if Camille is to stay with VS, she's bound to run into him at some point. And let's just say the outcome of that would /not/ be good, because Camille would never admit to the fact that she's still attracted to him.

Colin James, 25
(Ian Somerhalder)
A bad boy in his own right, Colin had his own tumultuous past in his teen years. He was the son of a famous director and an actor himself, but like Camille, Colin got involved in the wrong crowd. Luckily, he's turned his life around and is now one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood. Obviously that means Camille needs to be with him. Sure, right now it's a publicity stunt, and neither are /totally/ in love with the other, but that could change as the stay with each other longer.

- - - -

{the job}
Camille has been modeling since the age of 16 with several different well-known names. She was discovered in Milan and soon made the move to NYC, where she continued to work for different designers, including her claim-to-fame with Marchesa. Camille modeled with Victoria's Secret over three years ago in one of their fashion shows, but they never signed her on with her crazy social life following her all around. But after 18 months in rehab and a major life makeover, VS was willing to accept her onto their team. She's now one of the up-and-coming fresh-faced Angels who's desperately trying to prove she's changed while hiding her past.
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