Second to last Daisy set before SOS starts up! I like this story in comparison to her first story. 

Daisy Thames;;
date: September 22, 2012
hair/makeup: same as picture
wearing: a striped dress, green tory burch flats, a cross body bag, and green earrings 
where: Whitakers
with: the family 

I had gone to Sunday dinner since the first Sunday my mom brought me home from the hospital. It was a long standing tradition in our family. Some love it, others hated it and I usually fell somewhere in the middle...tonight I was on the love it end, however. Not once was it missed. Today was the one exception for as long as I can remember though. Sunday dinner was now Saturday dinner for one night only. My mom told me it had happened once when she was a teenager but that is it. I had left Anya to book the flight to Seattle by herself. I should have known better. Sunday at 5 am is when the plane is leaving and then I had to be there early to check in. So needless to say, there is no way that Sunday dinner was do-able for me and I was going to get little to no sleep tonight as it is. This past year I would have loved an excuse to get out of dinner but this was my last dinner for a few months, the last before I entered the world of adulthood. I was lucky that I had a family that loved me so much though...even sometimes my mother. I had talked to my grandparents at my final shift as a waitress at the restaurant about how I wouldn’t be able to come. My grandpa laughed and said of course I would and next thing I knew all hundred of us dropped their Saturday plans for me. I think they had to push some of my cousins to do so but people didn’t often say no to my grandparents. 

It was a little sad tonight and I hadn’t argued once with my mom, not even about college. I even wore something a little dressier for tonight. 

“Are you ready to go, Daisy?” My dad poked his head in my room. He dress pants with a buttoned down pale blue shirt. For my dad, who spent everyday in congress, this was dressed down. I liked it when he took off the blazer. It made him feel less like a business man and more like a father. 

I felt a pit in my stomach. It was all hitting me today. I was starting to think I was insane for leaving home even though I knew it was the right move for me. But to think that I wouldn’t be able to see my dad’s warm face, my mom’s disapproving looks, Addy’s local plays, Flyn’s antics all the was weird. Also to not be able to see Lyla. Not that I would be able too anyway after what happened the last time I saw here. She was constantly on my mind but I didn’t know what I could do. Everything replayed in my mind like some bad movie. I hated the situation and even at a time when I should be happy, it was all too bittersweet. I didn’t know what to do with myself as of late. Before Lyla, I didn’t know what I was missing...but post Lyla things changed. I wanted her to burst in at anytime and tell me that we could make it work, that we were going to be the ones that stand the test of time. I keep hoping but as the days ticked down, I was feeling hopeless. 

“Daisy?” my dad said again. I realized I zoned out. 

“Yeah, I’m ready,” I put a smile on. I always thought that people could read my thoughts when I didn’t want them too but some how smiling made them unable too. 

“Good. It’ll be just your mom and I tonight.” Sometimes my sisters and Paul met us here, then we all drove over to Whitakers. 

“Let’s get going then. I don’t want to be late.” I grabbed my purse and walked down stairs with him.
We had just pulled into the parking lot at Whitakers. 

“Daisy, I just noticed,” my mom said staring me. I froze waiting for some sort of critique to pop out of her mouth. “You look really nice tonight.”

“Uh...thank you,” was all I said. I wanted to believe she meant it to be a back-handed but she seemed genuine. I wasn’t used to it. 

“Let’s go in. Judging from the parking lot, most everyone is here,” my dad ushered us in. 

I walked inside, just like any other family dinner. Except right off the bat, I could tell it wasn’t like any other dinner. Above our usual table hung farewell banner. It was a sweet touch and seeing them all there made my eyes water up. 

“Are you okay, Daisy?” dad asked. I nodded. We joined the table and I took a spot between August and Haley. I had spent a whole year wanting to get away from family dinners and now I couldn’t think of a place I wanted to be present more than here.
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