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For my CAE ESOL examination on Friday I could possibly wear a black A-line skirt, white long sleeved top and blue dress on top, with blue-white-red accessories, like on British flag ;-) - for I am going to do English language certificate this Friday... ;-) I am not worrying about the exam itself, but rather - whether I can actually get there on time... Whether I'll be able to wake up on time, is what is my biggest concern at the moment. No alarms could ever wake me up, if I sleep after my sleeping medication, so I guess it is better to just stay awake all night without even going to sleep at all, than waking up too late for the exam for which I have actually paid almost 150 GBP (540 PLN in Polish money), which is 1/3 of my monthly income... ;* So, I can't waste that money by being late and not being allowed to enter the exams... ;* This is somehow very stressful, indeed. Wish me luck, I am well prepared and if I only get there on time, then I will be just fine, really... ;* 


Greetings! ;*
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