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WHICH girl-group leader is battling it out in a relationship that's teetering on the edge of insane? Every time she and her man fight, it ends up in furniture-throwing, expletive-screaming, death-threatening madness, wherever they are - at home, on the street, in a restaurant. The two are infamous in Los Angeles for their alcohol-fueled battles (and just as public make-up sessions). Now she's returned from a six-month long world tour, time will tell whether absence makes the heart grow fonder, or if she's harbouring a lot of pent-up rage.
Name: Hannah Darval
Age: 19
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Known for: Being pretty much the face of girl group Celestial. Her explosive relationship with Steane Taylor. Being a darling due to her frank nature and is considered something of a fashionista perhaps because of her her bright modest off duty style in comparison with the bands image.
Model: Lyndsy Fonseca

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“Hey Babe.” Steane greets me as he lets himself into his bedroom, waking me from the half dozing state I’d been in, having been back from tour for less than 24 hours, I think I was entitled to it.

“Hi,” I grinned at him, as he leant down to kiss me softly, though it quickly began to turn more passionate, “I missed you,” I told him breathlessly when we finally broke apart. Which was mostly true, although there had been times, more frequent than I’d like to admit, when I’d revealed in my freedom.

“I missed you too.” He grinned, lowering himself so he was sitting next to me on the bed. He leant forward for another kiss which I allowed. 

When he began to get carried away however I pushed back on his forehead gently, causing him to frown. Not wanting to cause an argument so soon after being back I pecked him on the lips gently before smiling brightly, “We did the sex thing last night,” I told him playfully, “I want to know what you’ve been up to.”

“Not much,” He shrugged nonchalantly, moving out of my personal space though running his hand up and down my thigh under the blanket, 

“Nothing with work?” I asked, running my fingers through his hair. It was his own damn fault he wasn’t getting jobs but I wasn’t going to bring that up. Again.

“There are no good parts out there.” He moaned, a familiar line.

“Didn’t you say you had an audition today?” I asked softly, moving my hands down to rest on his shoulders.

“I did, but it’s not for me.”

“I thought you loved the script.” I said in confusion, my turn to frown now.

“I did but the director is a tool,”

“A tool?” I asked skeptically, “Or just a name not big enough for your ego?” I told him frankly.

He stood up abruptly then, towering over me where I was sitting in the bed, “Are we going to do this again Hannah?” He asked dangerously, 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it,” I put my hands out to try and calm him, “I’m just tired.”

“Bullshit.” He spat, pacing around anstily, “When you’re tired you get honest. Clearly you just think I’m a failure, that you’re to successful for me.”

“Oh shut up!” I snapped tired of holding my temper and just generally tired, “I never said that. Don’t put words in my mouth. Don’t project your own damn insecurities onto me jacka.ss.” I hissed.

“Fuck you b.tch.” He yelled, striding towards me. I cowered away slightly but all he did was grab my book that was left discarded on my bed and throw it at the wall opposite him. Except he had a terrible aim so it flew through the window with an almighty smash.

“Good job. Now you’re going to have to clean that up. Righteous as.hole” I snapped, flinging the covers off me and leaving the bed.

“Stop pretending you’re better than me.” He yelled again, “You’re not. YOU’RE NOT.” He was screaming then and jeez what had gotten into his bonnet and died.

“I don’t think I’m better than you.” I said quietly, standing into his personal space. I had to admit though the move wasn’t very intimidating because I was so much shorter than him.

“What you know it?” He asked sarcastically, glaring down at me.

“I am not better than you.” I yelled at him, suppressing the urge to slap him, “Though I’m acting a damn sight better than you right now.” Brushed past him, moving to grab the bedroom door and get the hell out of there because I didn’t need this now.

“Pray tell how.” He all but growled. I ignored that, yanking the door open and walking through. Or attempting to, except he had grabbed my wrist and was holding me back, “Don’t ignore me.”

“I’m not ignoring you I’m leaving.” I said trying to yank my wrist free to no avail.

“No.” He screamed.

“Let me the fuck go Steane right now.” I said, yanking harder and starting to panic. Our fights never got abusive but I’d been gone 6 months and I didn’t know what had changed. There was an awful ripping sound - my sleeve had torn clean off my sweater. His grip loosened then and I took the chance to escape.

As I turned round to slam the door behind me I noticed at him staring at the sleeve with something like regret, I wasn’t going to let that stop me though. Running down the stairs I grabbed my handbag and shoes, tore the sweater off because any paparazzi that saw me in a ripped sweater was going to make assumptions no matter how accurate and left, the front door slamming shut behind me. I’d had enough. This was over for good this time.

A couple of hours later I was lying curled up on my couch - not really feeling like being alone in my bedroom - on the phone to my uncle Shane. There was an untouched bucket of ice-cream on the coffee table and the tv was paused on some generic break-up movie. Whatever this wasn’t really a break-up that I should be sad over and we weren’t really conventional anyway.

“Hang on a second,” I said, interrupting his stream of chatter, I think there’s someone at the door. I got up, jammed the phone between my ear and shoulder and looked through the peephole. Steane. Well great. I moved to step away from the door and leave him out there when he banged again, this time choosing to yell my name.

“What’s that darling?” Shane asked with concern.

“Oh nothing, just the neighbours.” I laughed fakely and I was sure he could tell, “But I gotta go tell them to be quiet. I’ll call you back tomorrow.” I said before hanging up, not giving him much of a chance to protest.

“Hannah. I know you’re there. Open the fucking door.” He was yelling, pounding on the door.

“Go away Steane we’re fucking over.” I yelled back.

“No we’re not. We are fucking not Hannah Darval.” He got even louder if that was possible. I sighed knowing I was going to have to let him in or the neighbours would complain. Again. It didn’t even really happen that often anyway.

“Steane shut up.” I snapped, opening the door to glare at him, “Did you follow me here just to try and win? Because I mean it we’re done this time.”

“No we’re not babe.” He shot me that cocky smile I loved. Damn it.

“Steane. Please leave.” I sighed, leaning against the door frame to block his entrance.

“I’m sorry babe, really I am.” He said, switching tracks to earnest. And Damn if his earnest face wasn’t making my heart melt.

“You’re always sorry.” 

“I’ve had a bad day. I didn’t meant to take it out on you.” He took a step towards me and when I didn’t back away placed his hands on my arms. I’d never got around to replacing that sweater and my arms were slightly cold. I always felt cold really.

“But you did.” I pouted. He stepped closer again and I took the opportunity to rest my head on his chest. Knowing it wasn’t over. It’d never be over.

“I know babe I’m so sorry.” He kissed my forehead, “I just missed you.”

“Really?” I asked, leaning back so I could grin up at him, “How much.”

“An awful lot.” He smirked back charmingly.

“How much is an awful lot?” I asked coyly, drawing him back into the house and shutting the door with a thud before he had me pressed against it.

“More than I can say,” He looked down at me, smirk turning positively devilish now, “How bout I just show you?”

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