Stardust Sanctuary Selection One.

Model/ character: Abbey Lee Kershaw/ Penelope Woodville
Intro: Penelope was born in September 1920s, in the heart of London. The roaring twenties, as they call it. She was born into an aristocratic family. Although she loved living in luxury and did feel herself superior to the lower classes, she also wanted to break free from tradition; go to work and make something of herself. Stubborn and headstrong as she may be, she did have many admirers. Beautiful blonde haired and fair skinned, she loved going for long walks and painting in the afternoons.

"Oh mother, it's not like anyone cares!" Deep inside, I roll my eyes. This is not what I imagined.
"Do you really think so? Really, Penelope? I, personally, doubt that." My mother paces around me, arranging flowers into big vases. From time to time, she puts a strand of her hair behind her ear. Everything has to be in place, has to be perfect. Especially I, her daughter. 
I just told that her that I want to work in an art gallery. I want to look at pictures the whole day and I want to make people happy by buying the pictures. Is it too much?
"Penelope, listen. This is not what you are born to be. You're a Woodwille. Us Woodwille women do not work because we don't need to. Do you want our friends to think of us as poor?"
I shook my head. "Us Woodwille". She isn't even a real Woodwille, she just got that name because she married my father. 
"No", I start and want to add something, but she cuts my off quickly. 
"Then we both agree. I don't want you to put any shame on our family. Remember who you are and where you come from." With that, she turns around and leaves me without looking at me again. I don't run after her to convince her, to make my point of view clear. 
Sometimes, I give up too easily on the things I love and want.

The next second, I remember where I need to go and fly down the long marbled stairs without looking at my feet. I'm about to meet Sean, my best friend since forever. Our parents expect us to get married, but neither of us wants to. I for sure know that I don't and since I'm not Sean's type, he would say the same about me. But he's one of the most important people in my life and maybe the only one who understands me because he knows every secret I carry around with me. Well, maybe not each one, not anymore...
"Hello, beautiful", he greets me, smiling. As usually, he's sitting on the stairs to our house. Instead of kissing me on the cheeks, he hugs me tightly. I can feel his steady heartbeat close to my own. This is why I need him so much. He already found himself, he knows where he belongs and what he will do in the future. And that's why I don't want him. Because he's so predictable. 
"Bought a new blush?", he asks pointing at my rosy cheeks. 
"Oh yes. It's called "Fight with my mother over me future"". This time, I really roll me eyes. 
"Do you want to talk about it?" I shook my head and take his arm. "Just take a walk with me then."

It's late in the afternoon and the sun is already about to settle. We arrive on a small bridge which crosses and fast river. The waters is a lovely sound which I always loved. The orange sky is reflected by it and I think about which colours I could use to capture it.
"Penelope, I...", Sean begins. I turn my face towards and see a haunted look in his eyes. Before I can react, he takes my face into his hands. I try to to understand what he's about to do, but I can't. And then, he kisses me. And it feels like nothing I ever experienced. Not knowing any other words to describe it, I just think "perfect".
And then, the kiss is over. Briskly, Sean lets go off me and when I try to get closer, he turns away, his face buried in the shadows. 
"I'm sorry", he mumbles. "But I needed to know how it is like. How it is like to kiss you, Penelope."
I don't understand him. 
"Why? You...I...we..."
"I just got engaged to Mary."

And with that, my world cracks into pieces.
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Wrote 4 years ago
@jessicapo Haha, I wish! Thank you:)

Wrote 4 years ago
wow! are u like an author?!

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Such a royal set! Love the gold shoes and lace dress!



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