So I had this old Tiffany and Joon draft and since the Hello Baby Event ended, it's still lying there, it's hard to see it stay there for so long and now this. WHY DID I HAVE TO BE SO LAZY?! :O

"Well it's not like it was your fault," Yunho said to Tiffany.

"So what are you saying?" Tiffany asked. 

"Don't break up with him," He said. Wise Yunho, why did he have to be so wise?! "If you love him then, stay with him." Tiffany held the rose to her eyes and smiled. 

"You sure you don't want it?" asked Tiffany.

"TIFFANY!" yelled Yunho.

"Don't be an ahjumma on me Yunho Sunbae!" Tiffany replied. With that Yunho started pushing Tiffany into the dorm, her complaining on the side, Yunho was used to that, he was used to talkative Tiffany as well. 

And there he was, standing in the doorway smiling at Tiffany with those eyes. Then she remembered when he flashed those little kids with his abs, and an eye smile appeared on her face. 

"Well?" asked Joon. 

She was such an idiot for being so arguable with him, why didn't she follow Taeyeon's advice on being nice to the guy? 

"Uh..." Tiffany stammered, was this the first time she was actually at a loss of words? "IthinkIlikeyou!" she said. 

"Hmm?" asked Joon with a teasing smile on his face. How she wanted to punch him at the moment, and take back those words of hers. "I'm sorry what did you say?" asked Joon. 

"I said nothing Lee Chang Sun!" Tiffany replied.

"You sure did, Hwang Mi Young!" Joon replied to her. He took a step closer to her and she took a step back, hiding the rose so he couldn't see her decision. "Yah, why are you backing up?" asked Joon.

"Aiish, you whiny hoobae," Tiffany replied putting her hand on her temples. Joon grabbed that hand of hers and put it down to her sides. 

"I'm whiny? You were scared of little kids!" exclaimed Joon. Tiffany huffed, not noticing that Joon was coming even closer to her. 

"Well I wasn't FLASHING my abs at my kids!" Tiffany replied taking another step closer to Joon. 

"I'm not a midget now am I?" asked Joon. He was about twenty centimeters taller than her, that didn't mean she was short? 

"I don't like tall guys!" yelled Tiffany. 

"You liked Yunho," said Joon. Tiffany rolled her eyes, Yunho was just someone who was supposed to help her in this show not be part of a triangle. They went over that months ago! 

"No, I like you!" Tiffany blurted out. Her eyes widened and she dropped her rose. She did not just do that? No, she knew that she didn't like him, no no no! But something else caught that eye of hers.

Joon smiled and unveiled something from his jacket. A Polaroid camera, Tiffany smiled and took it from his grasp. It was so shiny, so new, so...wait what was that photo coming out of the camera? She took out the photo and saw her and him on beach fighting, him pinned on the ground, her yelling at him. This wasn't a new camera, this was the old one!

"Where did you-"

"One of the beach control guys found it, I came by and picked it up for you," Joon said smiling. Tiffany smiled as well, and Tiffany pulled him into a kiss. This was actually the first time she kissed him or maybe it was one of the few times she did. 

She took a step back and smiled again. "Thank you so much!" Joon nodded his head, and stared at the rose she accidentally unveiled as well. 

"Is that for me?" asked Joon.Tiffany nodded her head and gave him the rose. He gave it back to her, and she looked shocked.

"I don't think I can accept it."


"You and I are going to be away for too long, and we won't be able to see each other either. So, keep it." 

Tiffany nodded and was about to leave when she heard the familiar voice shouting her name.

"Yah! Let's go out for some ice cream though!" yelled Joon. 


"Then I'm bringing Sarang!" 

"Yunho's hotter than Sarang."


"What the hell, no Yunho is hotter than Sarang any day." 

"Shut up, we all know that Yunho is hot, but Sarang has BOOBS, big ones!" 

"I like Sarang better than Yunho," said Joon.

"I like Yunho better than Sarang," said Tiffany.

"I like ice cream better than Sarang," said Joon. Tiffany smiled and Joon took her arm running out of the dorm and went off to find some ice cream. 


Yes, Tiffany has been rejected by Joon, but that makes him eligible for the next season of We Got Married. And Sarang is from Trainee's Dream and Joon mentors her in that roleplay. :P

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