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In my head Verity has a really soft and gentle voice just because that’s how Florence speaks. I have issues! This is basically just a story to establish where Verity has been and such! I'll start on the events from now on!

Verity Jones; May 8

“Home, sweet home.” Hunter crowed as we stepped foot into our apartment for the first time in over a month, “how I missed you.” He dropped his suitcase by the door and rushed over to face plant into the couch. Men, honestly.

“Don’t be so melodramatic.” I scolded primly as I picked my way over his luggage and shutting the door behind me.

“It’s been 37 days Verity,” He turned his head from where it was buried in the couch cushions so he could stare at me, “37 day. Do you know how long that is?”

“One day more than 36 and one less than 38.” I deadpanned actually bothering to take my suitcases into my bedroom (and let me tell you climbing the stairs with that damn thing was not easy) because I knew I’d be to tired to do it later.

“You think you’re funny but you’re not.” Hunter retorted when I returned to the lounge, not having been able to muster the energy to actually unpacks the damn suitcase.

“You had a couple of minutes and that was the best comeback you could come up with?” I asked mildly, lowering myself into the armchair and grabbing the television remote, “I think someone needs a nap.”

“Hunter needs a nap.” He nodded in agreement. The fact he was talking in third person meant he was definitely loosing it.

“Hunter can have a nap. Right after he moves his suitcases from the doorway.” I told him sternly, flicking the television on. There wasn’t a single, crappy reality show to be found and for that I was beyond thankful.

He buried his face in the pillows again so his voice came out all muffled when he spoke, “don’t want to.”

“You don’t want to trip over those things at arse o’clock in the morning when you’re heading into the studio.” Because apparently even though we’d just spent 24 hours travelling the record label wanted him in the studio bright and early tomorrow morning. And he wondered why I hadn’t singed a deal.

“You should do it for me.” He suggested hopefully.

“Why?” I asked, keeping my eyes glued to the telly and not looking over towards him.

“Because you love me?” I saw him roll onto his back to shoot my his best puppy eyes.

I shook my head with a small smile, “Try again.”

“I’ll cook you dinner?”

“You would have done that anyway.” I rolled my eyes, though I did get up to grab the suitcase. Mostly because he was likely to leave it, and then wake me up when he inevitably walked into it tomorrow morning at a time no sane person should be awake.

His reply wasn’t intelligible to human ears as I grabbed his suitcases and dropped them on his bed. “There, I hope you’re happy lazy bum.” I walked back into the living room, hands placed on hips disapprovingly, however when I laid eyes on him I couldn’t stop the fond smile creeping across my face.

He’d fallen asleep.


After Hunter had conked out on the couch I’d thrown a blanket over him and gone up to my room to have a nap myself. I was woken unceremoniously a couple of hours later by something bouncing on my bed.

“Verity my love, I missed you.” It was Nick, of course it was Nick. The low chuckle from the direction of the doorway alerted me to the fact Hunter was watching and doing nothing to help me.

“Nick. It’s been like 5 days.” I deadpanned, trying to shove him off as he leant down to give me a sloppy kiss on the cheek. As Hunter’s manager/agent person he’d been over in Britain with us though Hunter and I had elected to stay an extra couple of days sightseeing. Nick had gone over two weeks before us so he’d come back earlier.

“Which is to long without you’re stunning looks and lovely voice.” He cooed, fluttering his eyelashes. That man was a menace. 

“You only want me for my voice.” I said dryly, pushing him off the bed and onto the floor. Of course he’d let me do it because I was weak and he could have resisted if he’d tried.

“I just think it’s a crime you’re depriving the world of it.” He looked up at me from under his eyelashes.

“Nick I’ve had 3 hours sleep in the last 34 hours. I am so far from in the mood for this conversation again.” I told him matter of factly as I climbed out of bed, making sure not to step on him in the process.

“Good evening sleeping beauty.” Hunter wrapped his arms around me as I reached the door frame, pulling me into his chest.

“Shouldn’t I be calling you that?” I looked up at him with a smirk, “I’m not the one who fell asleep in the couch.”

Hunter shrugged and didn’t respond, as we both ignored Nick and his theatrical sighing. “Why is he here?” I asked, motioning my head in Nick’s general direction.

“He invited himself to dinner.” Hunter told me, spinning me around so my back was to his chest and resting his head on my shoulder, “It wasn’t worth the drama it’d cause to kick him out.”

“I resent that. I am a perfect dinner guest.” Nick cried indignantly, pulling himself up off the floor finally.

“Far from it.” I snorted, “Now can we take this out of my bedroom?” I asked, untangling myself from Hunter and grabbing his hand to pull him down the stairs behind me, “Also someone make dinner already I’m starving.”

“That’s why we came to wake you! For dinner.” Nick exclaimed, sliding down the banister of the stair case, which was incredibly stupid and incredibly Nick. 

“Anything for your highness.” Hunter muttered at the same time.

Home. I sure missed it.
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Loved... Duh.

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