I went to the premiere of New Moon yesterday. It's hard for me to keep serious when I hate the books and Rob. But I had to. 
Me and my friend were able to sneak in, you see there's a 15 year limit on it in sweden, wich I think is ridicilous. I didn't see scary anywhere. When the lord of the rings series are limited 11 (wich means limit 7 id you have adult company) then why would they put it so high on the twilight series? I have no idea, but we're fourteen and we got in. 
To me, it does not make sence that Cedric Diggory steps into sunlight and sparkles. And then I mean SPARKLE-SPARKELLY-SPARKLES. This movie contains the worst spec.fx ever (if you count Gollum out). 
But the best part, the beggining when she arrives to school and you get to see Jacob for the first time. HA! I almost died of laughter.
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