Hiding Tonight // Alex Turner

"Sometimes I wish there was a film crew following my every move." - Oliver Tate, Submarine

I first saw Submarine about a year, or so, ago. Initially, I wanted to watch it because I love Richard Ayoade. He’s incredibly funny and if you haven’t seen the IT Crowd, you need to watch it! It’s on Netflix and Hulu (and you can probably find it somewhere else online…). His humor is intelligent and poignant and perfect. My fav. Okay… getting away from the point. When I read that he directed and wrote the screenplay for this film I knew it had to be great and immediately added it to my watch list.

Everything about this film is beautiful. I genuinely don’t think there is another way to put it. The acting, writing, scenery, cinematography, directing and music are all sublime. Sometimes I am hesitant to watch artsy, independent films because they can often come off as pretentious and at times, not that good. However this is not one of those films. This film is the definition of perfect filmography. 

At first, I thought the main character was a sociopath and quite frankly, just plain weird. Though as the story develops it is clear he has true feelings and emotions for the people around him, even if he expresses them in ways I probably would not. You really see Oliver’s character transform and learn from the past yet at his core he’s still the same person. 

The music and script make this film. The soundtrack is all done by Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys and every song is a gem. I have been listening to it none stop today. Also, the script and the way it’s performed are superb. It is witty, heartfelt, and dramatic all at the appropriate times. Richard Ayoade really out did himself with this film. Every time I see a film from here on out I will compare it to the impeccable quality that Submarine was produced under. I have a feeling most films won’t measure up ;)
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