people only think of themselves. here i will list the wrongs that my friend has done to me :

Stolen the guy I liked
We were supposed to hang out just us and she invited the guy she stole along

tortured me with HOURS of how much she can't stop thinking about this one guy, who she ended up liking for a week and then getting over

complained about how ugly she is when she gets more guys than i do. way more.

ditched me for some cute brother of her friend just because she thinks he's cute and now she wont be hanging out with me on fridays as usual OR hanging out with me and her other friends in the library before school as usual

and yeah so as you can see i'm pretty upset about this. i brushed it off when she stole the dude because me and him weren't dating or anything, i bared the torturous talk about the guy(s), i told her a million times she was pretty and blah blah blah and tried to get passed the ditching me on fridays thing. even though we don't get to hang out after school any other day. but now she's just plain p*ssing me off. sorry for the language but i'm not happy with her at all. She should try thinking of someone else besides herself for a change.

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Wrote 5 years ago
i just had a fight with my friend, we havent spoken in a month. :/
but i feel better off without her

Wrote 5 years ago
thanks!!! :D

Wrote 5 years ago
thanks :D so are you.

Wrote 5 years ago
i wish i could too you're so nice!!!!!


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