out here on my own // glee cast version 

ugh. this set took me like two hours to make and i'm feeling really, really sick right now. my immune system always chooses the worst time to break down. hopefully i wont be sick on christmas. 

celeste intro; 

NAME; celeste mazur, 21
MAJOR; chemistry
HOMETOWN; greenwich, connecticut
BIO; celeste comes from high society in our very own connecticut. she was raised alone, by her father as an only child, but she had enough money to fill the void of a mother. she spent her summers in the hamptons, and her school years in new york city, attending the convent of sacred heart academy since her youth. she was driven in a limo every day, until she put her foot down and decided to take the train herself. she always wanted to rebel. she began a crazy, wild partying life in high school, and when she applied early to yale, she hadn't anticipated her acceptance. but when she was, she let loose. for good. she partied and drank so much, that her father stomped his foot down. she was sent to rehab. there, she met a few wild parties, but eventually, found herself on the right path, the path of god. and in the fall, she went off to yale. but at a college campus, drugs and alcohol were something one couldn't avoid. jesus fell back into the back-burners of celeste's life, but she surprised everyone when she made her way into lux in tenebris. but now, she's struggling to keep her 3.8 gpa up, especially with a chemistry major. science has always been the one thing that... clicked for celeste. but now, now... all she wants is to smoke a joint on conditus' steps and have a little fun.
MODEL; daphne groeneveld
TAKEN BY; @rock-and-rose

hi. i'm celeste. majoring in chemistry. i'm not really into too much partying anymore but maybe we can grab some coffee. 

- celeste 

(friends, enemies, minor acquaintances?)
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