Alaska de Sauveterre

tuesday 6th of november, 2012; Obama or Romney? Today is the day you decided. Whether you want to keep things the same or make a change you get to decide.

"Thank-you for accompanying me on this trip" Grace beamed, linking her arm with mine as we entered the building which had been cleared for the community to vote. "I was honored that you asked me" I answered, flashing Grace a cheeky grin before we began to wait to vote.

"Y'know, I was tempted to rock up entirely dressed in red, white and blue" Grace said she looked around the room at others who had chosen the early morning to vote. Early morning meant around 11, I said early because most of the girls back at the house hadn't woken yet. It didn't help that most of them were drinking last night for Shay's birthday.

"I'm so glad I'm not hungover like those silly friends of ours" I said, glancing at Grace who had been zoning out. I think it was too early for her to be awake and functioning also, but I didn't mind. 

You may call me an early bird but lately I didn't rely on sleep to keep me going. Grace had noticed this the other day and gave me the nickname 'robot' because she claimed all I need to do was 'reboot.'

"I don't drink so it's never a problem for me" Grace shrugged with a small smile before her facial expression became instantly serious. "Have you spoken to Scott since, y'know?" Grace asked, frowning slightly.

I shook my head, I hadn't spoken or seen him since his dramatic performance last night about not letting him sleep with me yet. If he was going to behaviour in such an inappropriate manner, I think he can forget about it all together. I couldn't act dramatic also, we needed to talk.

"You two need to talk" Grace frowned, she left for a couple minutes to vote and I took this as an advantage to vote also. "He seemed pretty annoyed that it hadn't happened yet" she continued, as if we hadn't paused.

"I'm not going to be like all the other couples and have sex within the first week or month of dating" I replied, crossing my arms over my chest. "I'm not easy nor am I sleazy" I paused, "and if such behaviour continues, it won't happen."

"I know you're not sleazy or easy, Ally" Grace smiled, walking alongside me as we began toward the house that was a block away. "But you can't keep a boy waiting forever, he might move on" she added.

"You think Scott will move on and leave me?" I questioned, pausing in my tracks and looking at her with my mouth gaping open. "All because I won't have sex with him, there's much more to a relationship than sex" I replied.

"I'm not saying he will, I said might" Grace corrected me, tugging on my arm lightly. "You know boys, Ally, they can be animals" she finished, leaving us in silence for a couple of minutes before my mobile began to buzz.

"Hello?" I answered the phone call, stopping underneath a tree once we had reached campus. 

"Ally" I heard Scott's voice through the phone line, he sounded horrible but it was probably his hang over, and it serves him right. "I'm sorry for last night" he began.

"How can you even remember what happened last night?" I asked him, I glanced at Grace with a firm frown, who was laying in the grass. "I see your underwear" Grace exclaimed once a gust of wind managed to blow my dress a little.

"Grace called me earlier and told me what had happened" he paused, "I'm sorry, I really am" he continued to apologise.

"Scott, we need to talk in person, not over the phone" I replied, offering my free hand to help Grace to her feet. She was too lazy to stand using her own strength.

"I'll pop by shortly" he replied, sounding tired and his voice croaking also. "I'll see you then" I spoke, nodding and ending the call.

"You spoke to Scott this morning?" I questioned Grace as we continued our path toward the house. "He deserved to know how stupid he acted" Grace informed me, opening the front door with her key and letting me in first.

"Hopefully he's learnt from his hangover and idiotic behaviour not to do it again" I shook my head, holding my handbag and walking upstairs. "I'll see you later, I need food" Grace announced, marching into the kitchen.

"Ally" I heard my name being called from the opposite side of the door, along with a couple light knocks. "It's open" I replied, my eyes not leaving the book I had perched on my lap.

"Ally, I don't know where to begin" Scott started to say, approaching me and sitting next to me on my bed. "From the beginning, perhaps" I frowned as I dog-eared my page and placed it on my bed side table.

"I shouldn't have acted like a, I shouldn't have had so much to drink and I'm sorry for my behaviour" Scott apologised, looking directly at me. It didn't seem forced; he wasn't avoiding eye contact nor did his voice falter.

"Thank-you, I appreciate the apology but if you begin drinking alcohol at any function or party, I won't be hanging out with you" I informed him, looking back at him. I was proud that I hadn't avoided eye contact, looked at my hands or bit my bottom lip.

"One drink won't hurt though" Scott replied, smiling a little but I shook my head. "I saw what it did to you" I paused, "you're lucky I escaped you in the hall, I was almost certain you would have done it there and then."

"I'm sure I wouldn't have."

"You were intoxicated, Scott" I replied, frowning as I stood from my bed. "You had your mind set on something and I couldn't budge you" I continued, "and I hope you're aware-" I paused.

"Aware of what?" Scott questioned quietly.

"You scared me" I looked down, hiding from his eyes. "Who knows what you could have done and I'm so weak" I said, covering my face with my hands and holding back my urge to cry.

I was such a cry baby.

"Ally" Scott began in a hushed tone, quickly rushing to wrap his arms around me. "I wouldn't have hurt you" he reassured me. 

I looked up at him, "how do you know that for certain?" I questioned him in my shaky voice and buried my head into his chest. 

Here came the water works.
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