sometimes you've got to bleed to know that you're alive and have a soul.

( tear in my heart ... 21 pilots )
HOW TO WRITE: allison "allie" quinn
gosh it's been ages since i did one of these. anyways, 'twas fun. and it helped me get a better grasp on allie as a character because i was having difficulty putting some things into words.
  • we were meant to be but a twist of fate
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    "○ ALLIE QUINN ○
    ( the girl )" — @faultstars
    serena. seventeen. libra. enfj. gryffindor. performer person. city person. film nerd. coffee addict....
  • I panic at a lot of other places besides the disco
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    I panic at a lot of other places,, besides the disco on We Heart It
  • thunderstorms
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    "○ FAMILY ○
    the quinn family is quite loud, to put it simply. their house is no stranger to singing obnoxiously while cooking, or yelling like there's no tomorrow during family game night. it seems as if the quinn family always has something going on." — @faultstars
    ☽ thunderstorms' favorite images from the web
  • The Best Of These Stories
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    "○ MOM & DAD ○
    daniel and isabella quinn are allie's biggest support system. they're a little strict from time to time, but they mean well. they're warm and open and try to be "friends" with their kids, (though they're not often successful)." — @faultstars
  • broken antler.
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    "○ SIBLINGS ○
    wesley, hannah, and andrew. her siblings are extroverted and loud and outgoing and seemingly allie's polar opposites, not that she minds, though. she loves being around her siblings, even though she doesn't always say much." — @faultstars
  • I fell off my pink cloud with a thud.
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    allie grew up in a loving, albeit loud and bustling household. growing up with so many strong personalities, it was always just easier for her to sit back and blend into the background as she watched the happy chaos unfold in front of her." — @faultstars
  • F L O R H A L M I S T
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    allie bites her nails whenever she is anxious or nervous (which is why she never bothers to paint them), she also braids sections of her hair whenever she gets bored." — @faultstars
    F L O R H A L M I S T
  • you (ha ha ha)
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    "○ HOBBIES ○
    allie enjoys photography, reading, writing, and baking. all four activities put her mind at ease and put her in her "happy place." photography is by far her favourite hobby, but she loves the others all the same." — @faultstars
    AIMEE, 18. 80's movie enthusiast. coffee snob. it's cool. (nsfw blog).
  • devil child
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    "○ STYLE ○
    a bit boho, a bit nineties inspired, but most of all, allie's style is casual and comfortable. she detests wearing skirts and dresses and only wears them on special occasions." — @faultstars
  • sunset-calvary
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    her best friends in the whole world. her friends mean a lot to her, and she's thankful to have a solid girl gang. she often acts as the mediator or the level-headed one, as she is often the most passive and objective of the group." — @faultstars
  • i see nothing but yellow love
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    allie loves starbucks, and she'll drink just about anything from there. if she really needs a caffeine kick, she'll get a dark roast coffee, with milk, one sugar, and hazelnut flavouring." — @faultstars
  • art hoe
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    "○ LOVE ○
    allie is completely in love with the idea of love. her draw to rom-coms and romantic novels just proves it. though she doesn't have much experience with love, she's optimistic about it and daydreams about her crushes (then again, who doesn't?)" — @faultstars
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  • We Heart It
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    "○ NICKNAMES ○
    though her first name is allison, most people just call her 'allie' or 'al'. her friends also call her 'allie-boo', despite how many times allie has rolled her eyes at the nickname." — @faultstars
    jemma's AAA images from the web
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    ben and jerry's ice cream, online shopping, obscure reality shows, disney/pixar movies." — @faultstars
  • Just Gigi
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    allie doesn't do relationships. mainly because she's a tad bit scared of boys and wouldn't know how to initiate a relationship at all. she'll crush on boys, but it'll be from a distance while she stares at them in some class or another." — @faultstars
    Jillian, 19, my happy place
  • west end kids
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    "○ FATAL FLAWS ○
    awkward, vulgar, painfully sarcastic, easily frazzled, passive, naive, indecisive, speaks without thinking sometimes, insecure, emotional, perfectionist" — @faultstars
    serena / 17 / libra / behind that fair facade, i'm afraid she's rather odd.
  • so it goes
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    polite, positive, intelligent, organized, creative, romantic, friendly, level-headed, apporachable, warm, responsible, mature, intuitive, good sense of humour, honest, supportive" — @faultstars
  • you (ha ha ha)
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    "wait, what?"
    "this is a disaster."
    "i didn't mean to say that."
    "but i need to study."
    "sorry, i was just taking pictures for the yearbook."
    "this is fine. i've got this. it's all under control."
    "i'm not drinking ever again."" — @faultstars
    AIMEE, 18. 80's movie enthusiast. coffee snob. it's cool. (nsfw blog).
  • δικτάτορα της γεύσης.
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    if there's one thing allie adores (and one thing she's really good at), it's photography. she's almost always seen with some type of camera, even if she's just using her iphone to get a photo of the changing leaves or the first snowfall." — @faultstars
  • We Heart It
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    "○ SCHOOL ○
    allie takes school /very/ seriously. her grades mean a quite a lot to her, and she has been preparing for college since forever. most teens hate school, but she actually likes going and learning new things." — @faultstars
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  • For the Home / beach in the winter
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    "○ THE FUTURE ○
    in all honesty, the future scares allie. she doesn't have a concrete idea of what she wants to do just yet, and she feels as if her vague idea of photography and english/writing isn't good enough as far as future plans go." — @faultstars
  • We Heart It
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    it's almost laughable how innocent allie is. she's never been kissed, and her friends and siblings still have to explain dirty jokes to her sometimes." — @faultstars
    jemma's favorite images from the web
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    "○ SARCASM ○
    allie is surprisingly very sarcastic. it's a bit of a defence mechanism, and sometimes she's sarcastic without even realizing it." — @faultstars
    - holla i'm tara - //
  • brunette coquette
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    allie hasn't been nice to everyone all while letting school kick her ass for nothing. it's been her goal to be valedictorian of her high school graduating class since she lost out on the valedictorian spot in the eighth grade." — @faultstars
  • princess ♡
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    "○ KLUTZY ○
    walks into doors on a regular basis? check. bumps into attractive strangers? check. drops something or another at least ten times a day? check. it's a miracle that allie hasn't broken every bone in her body." — @faultstars
    baby e ♡ los angeles, california ♡ eighteen ♡ // you give me purpose ♡
  • kushty
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    "○ WORD VOMIT ○
    allison quinn is no stranger to word vomit. sometimes she panics and just speaks whatever is on her mind, only to regret it after. "i'm awkward. you're gorgeous. wait, what?"" — @faultstars
  • dazzling
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    maybe it's because she's watched the notebook one too many times, or because she read the twilight novels at a young age and had been brainwashed, but allie is a sucker for romance. she can't help but dream about prince charming." — @faultstars
  • ⚓ wonderland ⚓
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    "○ YEARBOOK ○
    her favourite extra curricular (sorry newspaper!). allie has been a loyal member of the yearbook club since freshman year and always takes the best photos she can for it. she wants it to look picture perfect." — @faultstars
    I like the smell of the earth, the touch of waves, the taste of berries, the sight of trees, the...
  • vanessa ❃
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    her main job is to take photos, but she's been given her own job for senior year as the senior editor. she also writes the occasional article on book, music, and movie recommendations." — @faultstars
    va·nes·sa | noun | /vəˈnesə/ | a 16 year old girl who spends to much time on the internet. ♡
  • pastel | Tumblr
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    if you ever want to have a good laugh, just try to watch allie play a team sport. she's absolutely awful, and has nearly broken her nose in countless games of volleyball and lacrosse. she'd rather stick to the sidelines." — @faultstars
  • Blue Pony
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    allie could read books for days on end. she loves spending hours cooped up in a bookstore, reading books and scanning the shelves." — @faultstars
  • Tumblr
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    allie is an optimist, and always try to see things in a positive light or look on the brighter side of things. she's a dreamer, and isn't afraid of having high hopes." — @faultstars
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  • Rifle Paper Co Un, Deux, Trois Print
    SOLD OUT: More info
    despite her shy personality, allie grew up in a competitive family, and that competitive attitude comes naturally to her. she may be quiet and a bit awkward, but give her a video game or a board game and it's like flicking a switch." — @faultstars
    Rifle Paper Company enriches the home and everyday products with whimsical personality and one-of-a-kind designs. Created from an original illustration, this sophisticated art print exudes classic French style. Showcasing "un deux trois" in black lettering on a light pink background, this beautiful artwork makes a lovely piece for a living room or bedroom. Ships in a protective sleeve. Printed in the US. 16"W x 20"H.
  • we were meant to be but a twist of fate
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    her bedroom, her house's rooftop, the teen section of the bookstore, the back corner of the library, and the forest/trail a few blocks from her house." — @faultstars
    serena, seventeen, libra. performer. coffee addict. fairy princess. the forgetful one who loses her...
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    "○ BAKING ○
    she may not be the greatest cook out there, but allie sure knows how to bake. cookies, cupcakes, brownies, she has it all covered." — @faultstars
    I like my life gold, my clothes black, and my tea green.
  • Live Forever
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    as a loyal harry potter nerd, allie would consider herself half ravenclaw and half hufflepuff. she's smart and witty like a ravenclaw, but loyal and hard-working like a hufflepuff." — @faultstars
    hello my name is becky and i like oasis, arctic monkeys, the stone roses, hole, nirvana, the smiths,...
  • Donald O'connor
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    they're good friends and study buddies. he has a pretty obvious crush on allie for a while but she's blind and doesn't see it. she just sees him as a friend." — @faultstars
    Explore lashonda turner's board "Donald Glover" on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas | See more about Donald O'connor, Hip hop and Jhene Aiko.
  • Dusty pink building - France travel fine art photograph - 8x8 or 8x10 or 8x12
    SOLD OUT: More info
    infp -- the mediator, idealistic, seeks and values harmony, creative, dedicated, open minded, hard-working, sensitive, reserved" — @faultstars
    Taken in the beautiful city of Lyon, France. Printed on MATTE or GLOSSY paper. Please specify your choice in the "Note to Seller" box before checkout. Other sizes available (smaller and larger). Please contact me for price info & the exact format and I'll set up a custom listing for you. Prints on CANVAS: Turn each photo into a painting! The printed canvas will have a subtle luster, resembling that of an oil painting. The canvas is stretched onto an inner frame (either 5/8" or 1 3/4" thick). Please note that there is no actual exterior frame of the photo. Price for the 5/8" thick print: $55.00. * for the 1 3/4" thick print: $59.00 Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.
  • Reality Escapes Her...
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    "○ PETS ○
    allie has one pet, a black pomeranian named marty (after marty mcfly) that she had to beg her parents to let her get after she got a 90 on her eleventh grade bio exam. it's her favourite little animal in the world." — @faultstars
  • the voyager
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    "○ HER BEDROOM ○
    one of her many hiding places, and somewhere that allie is constantly re-decorating. there are photos and polaroids hung up all over the walls, and her bed is overflowing with unnecessary blankets and pillows. it's kept pretty clean." — @faultstars
  • Seductive Silence
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    "○ NATURE ○
    though she loves nature and finds peace in it, without fail, every time she receives a flower or a plant, it dies within a day. maybe it's bad luck, or maybe she just really didn't inherit her mother's green thumb." — @faultstars
  • ❋ juliet's gorgeous husbαnd, dαniel shαrmαn.
    More info
    from the minute she saw oliver, allie knew that she was doomed. she may have only been five when the nielsons moved in next door, but she already knew it was going to be a disaster. her heart still flips every time she sees him." — @faultstars
  • Cut ️ We Heart It
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    "○ ROUTINE ○
    during the week, allie begrudgingly gets out of bed around 7:30, throws on the on the first outfit she finds, makes tea, and walks to school. on weekends, there isn't much of a routine. she wakes up when she wakes up and gets on with her day." — @faultstars
    Cut ✂️ on We Heart It
  • photo
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    allie goes by @ allieinwonderland on instagram, twitter, and snapchat. it references her love for disney, and is about as creative as she could get with her name." — @faultstars
    More info
    though she doesn't feel much of a need to live up to her siblings or compete with them, she can't help but feel insignificant every now and then. she works hard to make people proud and hates feeling shoved aside." — @faultstars
    i like my life gold, my clothes black, and my tea green.
  • We ❤ It
    More info
    "○ STAR SIGN ○
    libra -- indecisive, romantic, kind, has difficulty saying 'no', just, fair-minded, gentle, avoids confrontation" — @faultstars
    Image shared by Sanni on We Heart It: discover boring, indie, and pink photos.
  • Purpleemoon
    More info
    allie takes pride in being very organized. her bedroom is kept tidy, her locker is perfectly set up with shelves and little cubbies, and her study notes are pristine. it takes an effort, but keeping things organized helps her stay sane." — @faultstars
    Karen."kasskass". student and blogger from col Creativity is my rule and fashion is my passion. WELCOME!!
  • Tumblr
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    AP english, psychology, sociology, AP algebra, law, photography, AP astronomy, and study hall (she needs a period to just breathe and relax)" — @faultstars
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  • welcome to the horrorshow
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    the beatles, goo goo dolls, nick jonas, james bay, the smiths, kaleo, arkells, troye sivan, ed sheeran, neutral milk hotel, ariana grande, mgmt, one direction, robyn, 21 pilots, imagine dragons, city and colour, rihanna" — @faultstars
    chloe | 17 | new york | niall horan is my spirit animal
  • ♡
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    peter parker (spiderman), anna (frozen), hermione granger (harry potter), jess day (new girl)" — @faultstars
    baimbie: “// ”

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