Angelica "Gigi" Beltre [CDVV]
Country/Birthday: Riverdale, Bronx, NY, USA / February 16, 1989 [That's actually where I live. Feel free to stalk me.]
Bio: Angelica, or Gigi as she's better known as in the blogosphere, is your everyday confused young adult. She does not know where her life is going, or where she will end up. But, to be honest, she is not really worried. She's a slightly naive, passionate, eccentric who firmly believes that she will land on her feet. The thing is, philosophical thoughts and ways come no where close to reality. Gigi is incapable of finishing anything. When things get boring or difficult, she cuts her losses and moves on to her next "serious passion." For example, Gigi took a leave of absence from school to pursue a career in fashion, but where has that gotten her? Lost in a haze of all the other poorly run fashion blogs on blogspot. Although she boasts fashion as her calling, she barely musters up the strength to post one entry a week. That's why she needs to go on this cruise. She feels like this will be the one thing that forces her to commit.
Model: Darla Baker 

Call her Angelica, Gigi, anything you want really. Just not Angie! She hates it. It's too common. 
She can be a bit of a fashion snob from time to time, but she never really means any harm. 
Very naive when it comes to matters of the heart. But she's not that annoying girl who falls hopelessly in love after knowing a guy for ten minutes. 
Ok, maybe her snobbery extends past her fashion ways. She doesn't mean to be mean though! She's just a little too honest for her own good.

Introduce yourselves ladies =]
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