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There's such a quantity of songs I've been obsessed of during this summer so I'll just put the songs I've been listening this last week:

1. To You- Teen Top
there hasn't been a single day I haven't replayed this song since it was released! it remind me of Paris, my last exam (which was so far one of the best days of my life) my male best friend and of course how much my mom, sister and I have been fangirling over Teen Top. It's definitely the song of my summer! 

2. Te amo U-KISS 
I still need to go to the beach and play that song while driving! it's part of my bucket-list of the summer lol 
Dreaming forever with AJ saying *te amo* HAHAHA! xD

3. Dal shabet Mr. Bang Bang...
Forever loving the girls! It's a shame Viki left T_T

4. Believe U-KISS
No need of explanations *fangirling so much I can't even think*

5. Baby Goodnight B1A4
the repackage album is so perfect! I'd listen to it every single day but I left the cd it in my laptop so now I can't listen to my dear guys T_T but I can see their pictures and fangirl more :D

6. Summertime sadness- Lana del Rey (specially the remix, even though I think the original is way better)
7. If You Really Love Me Busker Busker (This must be number 2 but I forgot about it I'm stupid!)
8. Say Hey Michael Franti (Oh, this song it's sooooo old but it reminds me so much of summer two years ago! and idk why but whenever I listen to it I think about u-kiss and the song itself makes me happy! <3 <3)
9. Nu'est Face (I love that song but since the day I flied back home I love it even more, I was so happy to listen to them in the plane k-pop playlist! Moreover my sister's best friend ( a guy) loves them and replays that song when he visits (everyday lol)
10.50 ways to say goodbye/ Drive by- Train 
Two songs that I always listen as if they were just 1 lol! 

And I think T-ara's Day by Day will soon become a song I'll listen over and over again, even though at first I didn't liked the song as much as I thought I'd do. I love the girls! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks3RgKl8Qjk&feature=related

and I won't tag anyone since a lot of you already did sets for this tag! ^^
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