it's the flying mushroom's first NY gig!! yes, they reunited :)) As soon as i walked in, I spotted Ceci hanging near the stage. I waved and walked towards her.

"Hey C! Looking smokin' as always!" I said while admiring her look.

"Hey S! You look fab and you're wearing.. sandals?? That's new!" 

"Well, i'm guessing caleb will had me jump up and down. plus i had to find an excuse to wear this etro sandals!" i squealed.

"totally! anyways, thanks for being here. it means a lot for both of us!" Ceci said while hugging me.

"Aww.. cmon, C! Caleb makes an ass of himself? I won't miss it for the world!" I joked. "Btw, where's the man of the hour?"

"Backstage, preparing his golden voice" Ceci said while rolling her eyes.

"ohh good luck with that! hey, C! I'm gonna mingle with the girls first ok. I'll see you on the dance floor!" i winked.

"abso-fucking-lutely!" she squealed.

Scarlett, Stella, Holly, Eli and Dana were all hanging at the bar. Getting their booze on. I saw Charlie already bounding with the boys too.

"Please welcome back to the stage after 1 year hiatus, The Flying Mushroom!" the announcer said.

I dragged Dana and Stella to the floor to join Ceci. I looked back and mouthed,"Cmon!" to the others as well. We're gonna have a good time!

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