Sorry boys, she's married -- to science!

[A Cave Johnson quote on his assistant Caroline that I may or may not have messed up.]
So, I don't know if you read the descriptions of my set or not [probably not], but I recently mentioned that I got Portal 2 for Christmas and I completed it about a week and a half ago now. So, I made a Portal collection about the 1940s Aperture.
[[[[A PSA - There's spoilers ahead]]]]
If you've played the game you know that after Wheatley takes over and sends you down into the pit under Aperture Science that has long since been sealed off and if you do everything correctly, you find the lobby of the very early Aperture Science Innovators lobby and a series of prerecorded messages from the founder and CEO of Aperture, Cave Johnson and a few lines from his assistant Caroline.
I think I maybe always imagined a cute and dorky love between Carolina and Cave and after reading countless headcanons about Chell being their lovechild has really made my little Cave Johnson-Caroline love story all the better. I just imagine them sharing cute little moments and Mr. Johnson confessing his love for her and then they kiss and then they grow old together AND AHHHHH.
So here ya go: after being really disgusted by the lack of great Portal collections, I have made one.

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