i've been sick and it blows! but i will get my stories and sets on check! i promise
ING keep using Nath! PLEASSSEE I BEEGG!
HCI use Sam! please!
HSWW please use Sel too she needs to not be so emo!
COA: pleeeaseee i will make my party set and story!! i swear!
ATRW pleeeeeeease use drina! i will update as soon as i feel better! im sooo sorry ya'all!
BTG: i will update soon! i promisse!
TD: i will update! i mean it!

two comments

Wrote 6 years ago
oh course! haha it's fine!

Wrote 6 years ago
oooooh! get well soooooon, doll! and don't worry, i'll take care of nath and drina once i catch up myself :p

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