i've been sick and it blows! but i will get my stories and sets on check! i promise
ING keep using Nath! PLEASSSEE I BEEGG!
HCI use Sam! please!
HSWW please use Sel too she needs to not be so emo!
COA: pleeeaseee i will make my party set and story!! i swear!
ATRW pleeeeeeease use drina! i will update as soon as i feel better! im sooo sorry ya'all!
BTG: i will update soon! i promisse!
TD: i will update! i mean it!
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  • Nina Dobrev
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  • :)

  • One Direction ♥
  • Just close your eyes.
  • Oh my, what a fine day!
  • Robert Pattinson ♥

  • Fall 2013
  • Boys
  • I'm in the pink
  • Ash Greene Set 101

  • 5 min set
  • No likes
  • Black and white
  • Tights

  • we drink and we fight and we love just because we're young we're on the run and you're never gonna chase us down
  • as days go by the night's on fire
  • [BDR] the fire he airs through their beating vein and our dreams will break the boundaries of our fear and we're caught up in a crossfire of heaven and hell
  • [BDR] til all my sleeves are stained red from all the truth that i've said come by it honestly i swear i'm gonna give all my secrets away

  • Blossom into Spring
  • RIP Cory Monteith
  • All the Kingdom Lights Shined
  • lo♥e deeply.

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