Emilia is very brave and courageous, she sticks up for her brother and he sticks up for her. All that matters is that they are in the same house, they are practically the same person in two bodies. Even though she is smart, she doesn't like to boast or even talk about it, she just gets on with her studies, but will help any of her friends when they need it.

There was a frantic knock at his door, Emilia burst in, fully dressed, her hair brown hair brushed into a neat ponytail. She ran over to her brother's bed and shook his shoulders,
"Wake up sleepyhead! You know what day it is!" She grabbed a cushion from the end of his bed and whacked him in the face, he leapt out of bed as Emilia ran away, he chased her down the stairs to the kitchen. He looked at Emilia, who was pink cheeked and grinning from ear to ear. There was a noise at the door, "I'll get it!" She shouted, dashing to the door, she skidded and almost ran into it. She picked up the letters and ran back to the kitchen, he brother had sat down at the breakfast counter, she sat next to him, handed him his letter and tore her's open. Almost ripping the actual letter, she speedily read it before squealing with delight, she stood up, knocking over the chair at the counter, but she was too excited to notice. Her brother smiled when he opened his letter, he stood up and went to hug his sister, she leapt on him and wrapped her legs around his and squeezed tightly.
Just as James placed Emilia back on the floor their parents walked down the stairs rubbing their eyes, when they saw the grin on their children's faces, they hugged them both tightly.
"My little babies are growing up!" Their mother exclaimed, she clicked her fingers and the chair uprighted itself.
"I can't believe it! Hogwarts!" Their father exclaimed.
"Emilia, how long had you been up?" James asked her,
"I didn't go to sleep! Too excited," She yawned as she said it. "I was writing a list of everything I need to pack! And what I'm going to name my cat!" She squealed, "I'm going to get a Siamese and call it Arya!" She grinned.
"I'm going to get a barn owl and call it Theon," James smiled as Emilia yawned again.
"Worry about that later you two!" Their mother said, "Emilia, go to bed, you're too tired to think about doing anything yet! When you're rested we'll go to Diagon Alley, and you James, get changed! Now shoo!" Their mother directed them towards the stairs and sat down at the kitchen counter.
"I'm so proud, two new young wizards, maybe they'll be as famous as Harry Potter one day," Their father joked,
"Maybe they will," Their mother smiled, in that moment they couldn't have been prouder.
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