*Note: I think this outfit is very Skyla and the blazer is perf for school.*

Tuesday January 4th: Is that the smell of crisp book pages, stodgy old teaches, and the frosh fountain? Why yes it is! Classes start today. Take us around classes and show us a scholarly day in the life of you!

Today is the first day of school. Normally, I'd be very psyched but today I'm less than excited. My roommate, Seraphina Holland has moved in already, room 305. She's the whimsical, lovely type and she's become my closest friend here. But...she is the opposite of neat so her side of the room looks like a tyrannical mess. I say "tyrannical" because it seems to me like a high official or King of Messiness came here and did this on purpose. I can't stand an untidy room. I quickly blasted the techno music and began cleaning up everything. Now, Room 305 was spotless. Sigh.

I went into Seraphina's closet and borrows a bright yellow top and a funky yellow bumble bee ring. She had so many. She was so kind to offer her closet. I put on my sunshine yellow ankle boots and grabbed my Marc Jacobs mini bag. It was a gift from my aunt Chrysanthemum. I paired it all together with a sparkly black skirt and a cropped blazer. I hoped this was okay to wear. 
I walked outside with my oversize tote on my back and scanned all of the other girls' outfits. Sweat pants. Long t-shirts and slippers. I just don't get how people don't like dressing up. It's so much fun! 

I looked at my waterproof watch and smiled as I sat down in my seat. It was the same seat as last year. By the window, for inspiration. I took out my heavy sketch books and paint brushed and carefully organized them on my desk. I set up my easel and sat proudly with my arms crossed on the table. The teacher wasn't even in here yet!
After twenty minutes of waiting, I started getting worried. Was I in the wrong class? I checked everything to assure myself I was on time. I looked at my watch again. OH! THAT'S WHY NOBODY'S HERE! I came an hour early. Predictable.

Finally some students started piling in and I was happy to see Zoey walking in with her stuff and planting a seat next to me. She looked happy to see me.

"Hey, Zoey. Again. I wish we were roomies." I said, putting my hand up for a high five.

Zoey looked at my hand and barely touched it. "I'm not. I have the best roomie ever."

My face saddened. "Well, I do too. Seraphina. She's awesome. I was just saying it'd be amazing to have 2 roommates."

Zoey looked at me again and rolled her eyes. "It would also be amazing if you didn't talk so much. I got zero hours of sleep last night."

"I can tell," I said bluntly. I hoped I didn't sound too mean.

She raised her eyebrow and then started fidgeting with her art supplies. "What are you wearing, Sky? You're not Mary Poppins and this isn't the Disney Channel University of Walt."

"I've been going here for two years. I can dress however I want." I secretly wished I had Seraphina here to save me from my "so-called" /friend/ Zoey Sawyer. 

"Whatever. The sun's too bright for me. I'm gonna sit in the back. Later." She picked up her stuff and walked to the back. What was wrong with her? She was like supposed to be my friend? Wow, people change.

After school, I found Seraphina in our room writing in her journal with a box of chocolates in her spare hand. Maybe she's writing about the philosophies of cacao?

"Hey, Sera." I called, throwing my bag on my bed.

No answer.

"Sera? Are you okay?" I asked, sitting on the bed next to her, taking off my ankle boots.

"What? Oh! Hey, Skyla! Oh my top! I was looking for that." She smiled. She obviously was daydreaming.

"Sorry. I had to borrow it. It's amazing it fits me. Anyways, I'm super sad." I said, sliding on my leggings underneath my skirt and slowing sliding off the skirt. Super slick.

Seraphina laughed. "Do you always strip in front of people?"

"No! I have leggings on underneath. You silly."

"Why are you sad?" She closed her journal and popped a round chocolate ball in her mouth. 

"Ugh, friend woes. You know Zoey, right? Apparently she's not my friend." I confessed as I took off the ring and put it back on Seraphina's shelf.

She laughed again. Her chocolate covered mouth was hysterical. "Well, /I'm/ you're friend. You need a Woe-y Zoey when you can have Seraphina Holland? The best friend any one can ask for?"

"That's true. Hey, let's cancel ice skating for today. Journalism teacher wants me to have twp essays done by tonight. That means, I'll need to focus." 

"Sure. I won't bother you." She giggled as she offered me a chocolate.
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