Skyla Hines, 19 (Sophomore)
Art freak
Thursday January 6th: Every month Pioneer Square has an Art Walk on the first Thursday. Since a lot of girls are interested in art, let’s head down there. 

{With Seraphina; agian}

"Oh my goodness, what /is/ that? Is it supposed to look repulsive?" Seraphina almost gagged, pointing at a portrait as we passed it. "I mean, it looks completely disgusting."

That's when I sighed. "Sera, you said you wanted to get better at art, right? Well, this is an exhibit. Artists express themselves in subtle ways and explicit ways. It's the artists' thinking behind each portrait."

Seraphina calmed down. "Okay, okay. /you/ paint pictures like that too?"

"No, everyone's different. I'm more into drawing peoples' faces and picturesque scenery. See, look over there? That's a prettier one. It's supposed to be a flower vase with the flowers representing different humans." I explained as we stopped to gawk at a beautiful picture.

"Um, sure?" Seraphina was utterly confused. "To me it looks like a fish tank, but if you saw it as a flower vase, I'll take your word for it..."

I turned around and looked at Seraphina. She really didn't understand the meaning of art. As we walked through the gallery displays, I started talking again, "Seraphina. When artists create their masterpieces, they...want people to see their art and perceive it as whatever they want. I saw a vase, you saw a ... fish tank and maybe someone else sees a laundry basket. What did the original artist see? I don't know, but that's not important. Art is to be appreciated for what it is-what you see."

After walking for half an hour, Seraphina and I stopped at a cafe for a quick chocolate fix. It was chilly so I ordered a cocoa peppermint latte and Seraphina ordered the same but without peppermint and lots of more cocoa. 
"You really know a lot about art. That's so cool."

"Yeah, but we all know different things, right? You probably are an awesome ice skater, even if you're clumsy." I mentioned, waiting for my beverage to arrive.

The drinks finally arrived and Seraphina and I spent another full half-hour talking about sports, art, dancing and staring at the cute guys across the table from us. Finally we were getting ready to leave and I was surprised to see Sera hadn't finished her drink yet. She was really philosophical so maybe she takes her time drinking hot chocolates. 

As I grabbed my bag, we started walking out. I turned around to grab a business card from the front counter (the cafe was impeccably amazing with really easy-on-the-eyes guys). Before I could even pick up a card, Seraphina looked at me with an expression of a deer in headlights and her half-full cup of /hot/ cocoa spilled all over me and my pink Marc skirt. 

I looked at her and the waitress that rushed over to clean up the mess. I started laughing uncontrollably. 

"Told you I was a klutz. Sorry!" Seraphina giggle, as she helped me gather the stuff that had fallen to the ground.

Type "Flower vase" if you read the whole thing.
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