[I feel very bad about this set. I'm not used to doing sets like know, adding tons of accessories, but I think this is what Skyla would prefer.]

name: Skyla Hines
age: 19
birthday: May 11th
year: Sophomore
major: Art
hometown: Seattle, Washington
style: Bright. She looks like a Lisa Frank cartoon and is often making her own clothes.
biography: Skyla is a hard working girl that is currently putting herself through school. She lives in a fantasy world half the time which might explain her colorful appearance. She isn’t the sort to be pushed around but she is also incredibly nice.
model: Ali Michael

Bonjour my petit cupcakes! I'm Skyla Hines, I'm 19. I'm a mix of British and Italian cultures though I consider myself more of a Brit. Even though I grew up in Seattle and then NY, then Seattle again. If there's one thing I didn't mention in my bio is that I LOVE languages. I want to learn so many and only know 2 fluently. This has inspired me to want to travel, of course. Which has made me wants to cook! And bake! You can't possibly be an Italian if you can't cook. So, besides me being an artiste/clothing designer, my interests also include languages, traveling and baking. 
There's lots to know about me like how I'm still grieving over my sister Lizzie's death and that I don't have a great bond with my "Dad". 
Before you start accusing me, can I please get something out of the way? Okay: NO, I'm not anorexic, bulimic or starving myself. I'm just naturally thin and petit and if you have a problem with it, consult my doctor who says I'm perfectly healthy. Got it? I'm also a vegetarian, no not a vegan. I don't think I can live without frozen yogurt and cereal. I can be very sarcastic sometimes and It can come off as rude or mean,but I don't mean any harm.
I'm not a typical 19-year-old art lover. I have more interests than that, as you can see above. How else am I different? Well I consider myself as deep, but not boring philosophical deep. I like quotes and exploring my imagination.
I do tend to live in my own world, but I love having friends and partying but you can't call me WILD since I don't smoke, drink (a lot) or do drugs. But I AM very WILD as being random, daring and very loud. I talk nonstop and it's really hard to shut me up/ My clothing is very loud too. Sometimes I look in the mirror before walking out of the door, and think, "Was I blind this morning?" But I never go back and change my outfit because I don't dress for people; I dress for me. I'm not very sporty, but I love to try!
Get to know me. You can call me Sky even though I prefer Skyla. [INTRO]

1/2/11 - Welcome New Students
Going to UW for almost 2 years now has given me enough social experience. I talk to everyone, you know. Like today! Lots of students were flying in from their winter vacations and even a few new people came. But what I was least expecting was a visit from someone not so new.
[Flashback to 7 years ago, I was 12]

I sat on the swings on my front lawn with my little sister Lizzie, who was 10 at the time. As I swinging ever so gently, trying to think of a dare for my sister to do, I noticed a big U-Haul truck pull up right next to our house.
A girl, about my age, came running out of the house and right to our house. She was our new neighbor? Excited! But when I heard what she said, I was not so enthusiastic. 
"Hey, I'm Zoey! Oh my gosh, you're skinny. Do they feed you around here?" The tall blonde girl blurted.
Right then I put up my defensive forces and had said, "Wait. I am?! Oh my goodness, I never knew! Thank you so much for telling me! Gosh, all these years and I never knew I was skinny."
She sat on the swing next to Lizzie and me. "Very funny. What's your name?"
"That's even funnier. wow, people in New York are really weird."
"I'm moving to Washington this summer."
Zoe looked at me awestruck. "DC? So you're gonna live to the president or something?"
Even at my young age I remember thinking, /How ignorant./
"No, Washington State, close to Canada. West coast."
"Ohh.. I like you, let's be friends."
[Back to current time]
And today I saw my BFF Zoey from ages ago, walking into my dorm and smiling and waving at me.
"It's you, Zoey!" I ran and tumbled over her in a hug.
After getting up, Zoey laughed. "It's still the same Skyla, eh?"
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Wrote 6 years ago
Heyy! I'm Brenna, we should hang out, I love your style!

Wrote 6 years ago
Ah someone who loves random quotes as much as I do! That is so awesome! It would be so fun to talk to you, sky! :D
<3, sunshine bunny/Norah

Wrote 6 years ago
hey skyla!
i would love to hang out, you seem so fun!
- melissa

Wrote 6 years ago
Hi Skyla,
it's your roomie, Seraphina :)
Oh, can we learn French together? I love languages too and I want to speak French.
xx Seraphina



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