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Skyla Hines, 19

Tuesday January 11th: Local comedians from the state are gathering at the Moore Theater for a Comedy showcase. Come for a good laugh. 

[In this story: Brooklyn, Seraphina, Zoey + etc]

"Oh my goodness, I never would have that of pairing that dress with that bag!" Seraphina commented on my outfit as I checked it with her before heading out of the door. She was sitting on her bed, as usual, devoured in a thick book, as always. I got the sense that Sera was a reader. 
I modeled for her a little then sat down on the lime green bean bag on the floor, next to my bed. "Why, thank you, even though you didn't really compliment me. I made this dress by the way, bought a simple canvas white fabric. Sewed it up and got artsy with adding the brown dots. Do you love it or do you love it?" 

"Love it," Seraphina said halfheartedly. I was interrupting her reading, but nonetheless, I continued bothering her. 

"Okay, well. Since you want to be a lazy Lamborghini and stay in your room reading while a few girls and I go to Moore Theater, I will be leaving soon. I'm catching a brunch with Zoey in like 15 minutes." I said, getting my bag ready with the essentials.

She finally looked up and had a quizzical look on her face. "Zoey? /The/ Zoey? The one who was acting like a complete b-? That one?"

"She wasn't acting like that. I look at the good side of everyone and well, I'm giving her a second chance. She's been my BFF forever and well, I don't want to forfeit our friendship." 

Seraphina shrugged her shoulders. "Alright, go ahead." Even though she was trying to be sweet, I could tell she didn't think it was a great idea. Oh well.


I met up with Zoey at The Ugly Mug Cafe. It really was called that. Zoey was dressed in an all-blue ensemble with little pops of white here and there; for example her white strappy gladiators and her small white bag and dangly sunflower white earrings. 
"Hey, Zoey." I said, as she sat down across from at me at the table. "Nice dress."

She looked down at her dress as if it was her first time seeing it. "Thanks, you look smashing too." 

"Thanks. Look, I understand what happened at Art Class the other day. Everyone has not-so-good days..." I said,smiling and hopefully sounding optimistic.

"Well, I can see that never wore off." Zoey commented, scanning the menu.


"Oh, c'mon. You know. When we were 12 you were happy jolly Skyla with the perfect life. And you even lost Lizzie...and you're still happy? I don't get it. I'm so depressed and you're life is worse than mine."

I didn't know whether to take her remarks as good or bad. Me, being the positive Skyla, you can probably guess what I did. 'Thanks! It's good to be cheerful! I miss Lizzie but i have to move on in life!"

"You sound fake. I'm your friend," Zoey said, looking up at me. "And I'm gonna tell you how it is. Stop your little happy facade."

That's when I sensed something was wrong with Zoey. "You'd rather have me be depressed all day long? We're supposed to /enjoy/ life. It's not like I don't cry sometimes. I think about Lizzie everyday!" 

"Whatever. I'm sorry I'm ditching you again, but I'm going to a show tonight."

My eye's lit up. "Oh, with who?"

"Myself." Zoey said abruptly. She got up out of her seat and walked off. I wondered if Zoey was the one who was acting fake and trying to make me feel sorry for her. Oh, it's so hard trying to please people!

At the comedian: With Brenna.

"Hey, Brenna. That guy just did the best impersonation of George Bush. It was so funny, you totally missed it." I said to my new friend as she came back from the bathroom.

"It's okay," She said as she giggled. "There will be more I'm sure."

"Yeah," I said as I watched the comedians prance around making jokes. It was funny but for some reason I couldn't laugh. Maybe what Zoey had said was starting to take effect on me. I looked at Brenna out of the corner of my eye. She was nice, and she seemed harmless. But suddenly I sensed that maybe Brenna thought I was fake too. Was I fake? Apparently Seraphina didn't think so, she was my only friend. 
I tried to focus on the show, but I kept getting lost in thought. Brenna looked at me a few times to assure I was even there, alive, but I felt like Seraphina. Daydreaming.
Today was the first day at UW that I honestly felt depressed, which isn't often.

Type "fake" if you read! 

Skyla <3
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