Skyla Hines, 19
{Sophomore: Art}
Saturday January 15th: Pizza + Movie night. We are ordering in from Atlantic Street Pizza and then having a chick flick marathon. Come in your pj's. 

WARNING: It's very short. 

After surveying the menu on the board at the Atlantic Street Pizza, I sighed and just ordered a large 7UP and garlic sticks. I brought my small meal to the table with the rest of the girls. I planted myself in between Brenna and Seraphina. 

"Whoa, Skyla. You forgot to order pizza." Brenna mentioned looking at my plate. 

"I didn't, actually. The menu's all meat. Nothing vegetarian at /all/. Except these garlic sticks so don't mind my breath please." I had been out of my usual chirpy mood these last few days. I was still kind, but easily irritable. I couldn't figure out why I was so sad. My outfit was practically screaming "Happy, happy, happy" with the pink in it, but I added little pieces of black so I didn't look like a brunette version of Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. 

"There's nothing? Can't you just pluck off the pepperoni or something? You're so thin," Seraphina said kindly. She meant well. I /was/ thin, but like I said before, not anorexic. 

This is why I hated eating out with large groups of people. 

"I'm fine. If I'm still hungry, I brought along tons of candy for the chick flick movie. We're going there after, right?" 

Brenna nodded. "Yup, but that place will be crowded."

"Aren't they all?" I asked, taking a long sip of my 7UP. 

"Pretty much," Brenna giggled. 

I turned my attention to the game that was playing on that TV on the wall. I'm not a sporty person, but recently I was getting interested in sports...a little. 

After a forced-fun dinner at the pizza place, the group of girls headed to the dorm with the movie party. I had brought almost /every/ candy imaginable and got two tubs of popcorn with chocolate drizzling (for Sera, of course). Even though I was super skinny and a vegetarian, I'm not very healthy. I love candy and junk food. I can't help it.

"Are you gonna eat that all yourself?" Brooklyn asked. She had joined the three of us. The place was really crowded so before I could respond, Brooklyn has faded away into the crowd. 

Seraphina, Brenna and I hurried into the room with the big TV and grabbed our seats right at the front. I loved being where the sound was loudest, and the movie seemed real. All night, throughout the movie, we couldn't stop laughing and bursting out making inside jokes. I don't know but that movie was sooo funny, in a not-so-funny way. I totally forgot the name though. A few girls behind told us many times to be quiet. But us three were the /worst/ pair. We're all queens of word-vomit so we were talking nonstop. 

My sad week ended up being really fun. As long as I have Sera and Brenna, I don't need stupid Zoey.

Skyla <3

Type "pepperoni" if you read.
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