sorry this is so late! intro set/event
by the way, does anyone still need a roomie? camryn needs one! ;) 
- - 

name: Camryn Frye 
age: 19 
birthday: October 11th 
year: Freshman
major: Marketing 
hometown: Chicago, Illinois 
style: Fashion forward. She loves all the major brands. 
biography: Camryn bit of a stuck-up when you first meet her. She has plans of social climbing. She is majoring in Marketing and then plans to go to a fashion school afterwards. Camryn figures the two majors will give her a leg up in the industry as a stylist. 
model: Leigh Lezark
taken by: the città devil

well hello ladies, i'm camryn and i would love to get to know some of you. if you ever want to go shopping, i'm your girl! ;) 
p.s. i still need a roomie, so if there's anyone interested, let me know! thank you. 
xx camryn 

- - 

Tuesday January 4th: Is that the smell of crisp book pages, stodgy old teaches, and the frosh fountain? Why yes it is! Classes start today. Take us around classes and show us a scholarly day in the life of you! 

"berp-beep-beeeeerp-beep-beeeeeeeeeeeerp-beep-beeeeeeeeeeeeee---" I rolled over and slammed my hand on the snooze button. Tuesday. First day of classes. 


"Ugh!" I almost fell out of bed as I made my way to the bathroom to ready myself for my first day at the university. 

After straightening my hair, applying make up, and getting dressed, I walked in front of the floor length mirror in my dorm roomand examined myself. I don't believe I'm finally pursuing my dreams, and I especially don't believe I'm at college! Only last year I was just a mere high school student. President of the Fashion Committee, Marketing Director and Head Designer for school wardrobe. That was my life, but now, I was somewhere new doing some different things. And I couldn't be more ready, or excited. 

Before I headed out for a new adventure, I grabbed my two Christmas presents from my parents back in Chicago: gray Fendi handbag and navy Miu Miu pumps. I slipped the pumps on and slung the bag over my shoulder, making sure I locked the door behind me. The halls were filled of noisy and nervous students clumped in corners with their friends or roommates. Hm. That's something I couldn't do since I knew absolutely no one here, and I don't even know if I have a roommate. 

My pumps made that annoying click-clack sound that shoes with heels always made. I was actually tempted to take them off and finish the walk to my classroom barefoot, but that wasn't exactly the best idea. 

I stepped into the room and saw the professor at his desk. He looked about thirty or so and he was kind of short, but taller than me. The name tag on his desk read 'Professor Tutera', and it almost fell to the ground because he was shuffling through papers and his arms were knocking things down on the floor. 

I laughed to myself. Well then, at least he is organized. 

I set my bag down next to a girl who was overly flirting with the guy on her other side. She didn't even notice me until halfway through class when Professor Tutera was jotting down some topics we would be discussing during the course on the chalkboard on the front wall behind him. 

"Oh my gosh! Love your handbag." She grabbed and lifted it up and started examining it with her wide, blue eyes. 

"Thanks." I put on my best friendly smile, even though she was getting her fingerprints and dirtying up my Fendi, Fendi, FENDI handbag. Oh jeez. 

"What'dya say your name was?" She asked, still holding my bag. 

"Uhh Camryn." I responded and she nodded in approval. 

"Nice to meet you." She winked and pulled out a notebook and pen, and started to copy down what was written on the front board. 

Good idea. I thought to myself and grabbed my own paper and pen out to do the same. Maybe I could find someone with a common interest here. 

xx Camryn

Sorry the story isn't the best, I still need to develop her character a bit. If anyone wants to hang out during the free days, let me know! Camryn needs some friends. :)
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