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1) I'm homeschooled and I love it 
2) I love wearing prescription eyeglasses that aren't mine
3) I never sleep before 12 at night. 
4) I am addicted to Polyvore. 
5) I have broken 4 bones. 
6) I have an obsession with monkeys.
7) I don't know how to swim and I once almost drowned. 
8) I change purses everyday and earrings everyday
9) I'm terribly underweight. 
10) I'm afraid of my future job/career/life. 

Skyla Hines, 18

Tuesday February 1st: Free Day.

"Ahh," I said refreshingly as I woke up at 5:45 am sharp. "A new month. A new day." I rolled out of my bed, put on slippers, and did the usual early morning tasks. Seraphina didn't wake up this early so I was free to make noises and talk loudly. 

I grabbed a Key Lime Pie yogurt from the fridge and stuck a little pink spoon (like the ones from Baskin Robbins) into it. It was almost time to go and Sera was /still/ not awake. "Do I have to do this everyday, Sera?"

Sera suddenly woke up. "What? Oh my gosh, sorry, no, Skyla, you don't...oh my gosh, I'm late, I'm late!"

"You sound like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland."

She looked up quizzically. "What? Oh, yeah. I do. Where are my shorts? The pink ones? With the pretty fringe?" Then she looked at me. I was already dressed.

"What?" I asked, digging into the yogurt with my spoon.

"You're wearing my shorts." She pointed out.

I shook my head. "Sera, you're not fully awake yet! This is a skirt."

She laughed. "I knew that. I was just playing with you. Hey--wait, I think we have a few more minutes until classes start."

I stayed silent. 

"You didn't tell me about the other night. When you were outside? On the floor? Next to a garbage can?" She suddenly sounded very concerned.

I had been to trying to avoid this conversation. I was hoping Seraphina's forgetfulness would take over and she'd not remember. But she did. 

I sighed. "Fine. Okay, it's nothing huge. No big deal, really."

"I'm worried!" she said, shoving on her shoes as she tried to put her hair in a ponytail at the same time. 

"I guess..." I threw the empty yogurt cup into the trash. "I guess I was dancing...and I was being......crazy......and, uh. Well they caughtMeUnderAgeSoTheyCheckedMyFakeIDandThrewMeOut." I said the last part very, very fast. I jumbled the words together.

"Oh, I thought it was something serious." Seraphina shrugged.

"Told ya. Now," I said, suddenly more excited, "Tell me about Christopher."

"It's Chris." Seraphina smiled. Her cheeks turned red and her eyes started to glow for some reason. She was in...before I could finish thinking to myself. She gushed, "Okay, he's like....super cute...and well...really, like tall and stuff and he's a ginger. And he's so..." Right away, she fell into another daydream.

"Okay, we'll chat later. Gotta run."

Seraphina dazed out of her daydream for a second. "Huh? Oh..yeah..I'll meet up with you.." Then she was back into her perfect dream.


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