name: Marah Hudson
age: 18
birthday: December 3
year: Freshman 
major: Photomedia 
hometown: Seattle, Washington
style: Rocker street. Likes black, leather jackets, boots, and studs 
biography: Marah had a hard childhood and it has made her tough because of it. She has a lot of tattoos and loves to drink and party. She wants to make something of herself. Marah is very into music and photography. You can always see her with a camera. Someday she knows she will be a famous photographer. 
model: Valentina Ruby Sykes
taken by: open

▶Tell us about you.
I’m lactose-intolerant and allergic to gluten. If you’re interested in knowing, my favorite breakfast meal is a gluten-free toast with avocado and egg whites. I have a tattoo on the inside of my middle finger that says ‘Alive’. Because I’m alive, obviously. I have a tattoo of an eye that I designed on the side of the back of my neck…just so you know that I’m watching *chuckles*…nah, but I’m an observant person, and I take note of everything with my mental photography, as well as my camera, so I thought an eye would be appropriate. I enjoy taking advantage of the fact that I’m alive, so I party more than every once in a while, but I’m not abusive towards alcohol or anything; but I must say that getting drunk and high and that shit is nice sometimes to escape the past. I like escaping...whether it's physically, mentally, or whatever else there is. I don’t really like telling people too much about myself, or else what’s the point of getting to know me? It’s better to come to know me through a natural process of mutual inspirational moments. And I guess if you must know, I like to wear a shark tooth around my neck, just because. No reason for it, I’ve just kind of always done it. Sometimes I forget to wear it though since I can be quite forgetful. Oh and I’m really healthy, like I don’t eat shit; mostly raw veggies and stuff. Anyways.. 

▶How do you see yourself and how do others see you?
I see myself as someone confused. I know my dreams, but I don’t know reality. Reality knows me, but I am unfamiliar with it due to the fact that I enjoy escaping the truth of life: that we all die. Look, you’re not going to fucking live forever alright? Boss kids die too, we all do, young or old. My thoughts are all in a wreck and sometimes I don’t make sense to others, but I don’t mind. I like being in my own state of mind. I like being on a side that other people can’t experience. That’s why I photograph; I get the point of view other people don’t understand. The thing is, that with this point of view, outsiders don’t get that it takes a lot to be on that side. On that side of life, on that side of the camera. There’s so much the photographer has to do to get that inspirational photograph and people don’t understand that. People don’t understand that I’ve had to go through so much to – okay sorry, I’m throwing my life onto your shoulders. I’m done with this question. People think I’m different. And I simply do not care. 

▶What is your history? Tell us about life growing up.
One thing you should know about me is that I have weaknesses….everyone does. But the difference with me and my weaknesses and you and your weaknesses is that you will never know what mine are, whereas you throw yourself out into the world as a pitiful little deer so that people can have pity for you, discover your weaknesses, and then eventually use them against you. It’s the realistic cycle really. And so, to answer your question, no, you cannot know my past and my childhood life. All I can say is that the biggest lie you can be told is that you are beautiful no matter what; especially if your whole life you were told how ugly you are and how you will never accomplish anything in life. I will be a fucking photographer and you will fucking know who I am one day. Alright?

▶What are your likes, dislikes, favorite bands, hobbies, ect? 
I’m obsessed with Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira, Frank Ocean, The xx, The Shins, The Strokes, Nero, Skrillex, Of Monsters and Men and I could literally go on for eternity, but I’ll stop there. I like photography obviously, I love capturing every moment around me, it’s an invigorating feeling to press my finger until the button clicks; it makes me feel like I’ve just captured a moment forever, caught a cloud and sealed it into a jar. I’d say I dislike people, but I won’t say that since some people can actually be quite inspiring. I find that it’s crucial for someone to be an inspiration to you, or else it’s pointless for them to be integrated deeply into your life. Oh and I’m kind of crazy about people chewing with their mouth open…like don’t freaking do it alright? It annoys the shit out of me. I like daydreaming, and I wish unicorns were real. 

▶Finally, If there was a quote to describe you, what would it be?
“My mum is a realist and my dad is a dreamer. I don’t know where that puts me, I guess a dreamer in reality” –Florence Welch

Answer these questions out of character-
▶Why do you want to be apart of this roleplay? 
Okay. So basically, a lot of times that I’ve tried out for a character (I’m not saying all the times, but a lot of them..), I’ll make the set for the tryout and then make a set for it, but for Marah, I made the set last…I just immediately got to writing as her character. So I guess (to me at least) it shows that I really like Marah and I would really be a part of this roleplay to the greatest of my ability. I also just really think it’ll be really fun.

▶What other roleplays are you in and do you think you will be able to make at least one set a week (preferably more)? 
None others, and yes.

▶List your top three character and model choices.
Marah Hudson
Dylan Foquix
Tallulah Maddox

▶Do you have some sort of storyline planned for your character? This question is really here so you can think about it. I really don't want people to tryout if they are going to stop writing by next week.
I really do have a storyline planned out for her and I’m really excited to see my character evolve and open up as I write for her.


I wonder if I’m the only one who’s ever had the feeling of absolutely no desire for the consumption of food…but then you eat anyways. While on the couch. Watching a documentary. On sheep. Maybe the latter isn’t as common, but I like to think everyone’s at least partially experienced the rest. Maybe it’s because I’m avoiding contact with any human being ever since I’ve decided that humans are boring. Not really, it’s more because I’m sitting pondering why I don’t have a boyfriend. I think it’s because I hesitate to be intimately involved with anyone because I have a hard time trusting. I once heard a saying, “If you don’t trust others, then you have a reason not to be trusted.” It’s true. You can’t trust Marah Hudson with a fucking avocado in her hand. But on a serious note…I just have a hard time trusting because I’ve learned since such a young age to be independent. Plus, why should I date a boy when all the boys out there are either cocky idiots or sensitive mush-heads. I want an inspiration. I want to date inspiration. 

“Can I do that?” I think aloud. “Can I date inspiration?” I sort out my thoughts for a moment and conclude that it’s impossible. “Single with photographs forever, I guess that’s the reality of it,” I sigh. Tired of this mental subject, I get up and stand in the middle of the floor, inhaling deeply as I close my eyes. I spin around super, super fast with my hands tucked in and keep spinning. I release my hands and spin faster and faster until I stop suddenly. I collapse onto the rug and lay down, watching the ceiling as it spins around freely and endlessly, making me feel like a patient at a psychotic institute who sees things spin when they’re actually standing still, like sensory hallucinations. And this is how I spend my time alone. 

My mind focuses back in on the sounds around me and I hear the television volume escalate as I get more in tune with reality once again. I turn quickly to the screen when I hear an enthusiastic voice advertising a showing in the town’s museum for photography and that entries are being accepted until Tuesday, September 25th and winners will be chosen the 26th. I sit up right immediately and my senses snap back even more quickly. This is a chance, chance to prove to myself and to the rest of the world who I am, an opportunity to take a small step towards a big dream. I’m going to do it. I scramble through piles of photographs, trying to find the perfect picture to send in. My frustration builds up as I realize none of them are perfect. I plop onto a chair as my enthusiasm deteriorates as I plant my face into the palms of my hands. 

My head pops up. But art is not perfection. Art is whatever the artist wants it to be. My picture doesn’t have to be perfect, it can be imperfect yet perfect in my eyes because it will be whatever I want it to be. I’m the photographer, not them; they don’t know the emotion and passion for the shot I’ll turn in, as long as I know it. 

Who am I kidding, that was the worst attempt at a self-motivating speech. And my head plops back down; except this time, on the edge of my desk. Ow.
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