James T. Kirk walked along the street next to many adults wearing Starfleet uniforms just like his. He couldn’t help a smile appearing on his face as he saw the Starfleet Academy, remembering how he had even gotten to be a Captain, although it was an unfortunate event. His smile disappeared at the thought of one of his friends being killed only a few short months ago. Even with the justice that had been served in memory of Christopher Pike, James still felt as if he hadn’t done enough for all the things Pike had done, especially for himself. Hell, Pike was the reason he had even joined Starfleet after that brutal αss beating.
 Kirk shook the thoughts out of his mind as he climbed into the shuttle to take a group of the Enterprise crew to the ship that lay just up in space. His heart was beating hard, excitement brewing up into his very soul just thinking of walking onto The Bridge again. James toke a glance around the small cabin, recognizing all of the people who greeted him with a smile. Most were just Lieutenants, except for one that he knew since the beginning of it all.
 “Well if it isn’t the Captain himself,” said Bones as he patted him on the shoulder, moving around Kirk to get his seat. James smiled, taking the seat next to him.
 “Ah, Bones, long time no see! How was the short vacation from crazy lunatics?” James asked, as he moved the straps over his shoulders, and closed the buckles. Bones started with a smile,
 “It was great to be on the ground again, and best of all, get a firm idea of the new Nurse,” he said to Kirk, which sparked Kirk’s attention,
 “A new Nurse? Well I’ll be damned, another one bites the dust.” James said, as Bones handed him a screen with information on this new tranfee. It was a fairly impressive resume, even Kirk hadn’t gotten this much done in the little time he had been a captain.
 “Lieutenant Emma Haimes,” Bones said quietly so others couldn’t hear. Kirk looked over at him as he continued, “from what I got from her personal record, 22, single, and you know what? She’s a looker too.” He finished as he tapped on a file, a picture coming up on the screen of a beautiful brunette. Kirk rolled his eyes, he needed to focus on his career. Although not believing the thought he just had, he put the screen back into Bones lap.
 Their conversation continued about all that they were excited to see, until the seat next to James was suddenly taken. He looked over to his left and was astonished to see the female, Emma Haimes, sat beside him. She was a looker as Bones said, and he was surely captivated. Emma Haimes looked over at James, and a smile spread over her face,
 “Captain,” she welcomed to him, leaving him speechless, which was new for him. Emma looked past him, and nodded at bones, “and McCoy.” 
Both Kirk and Bones were both speechless as they looked at the beautiful girl in the shuttle next to them. Emma looked forward as the shuttle doors closed, ignoring the fact that these two handsome men had both turned to stone in awe. A laugh went through her mind as the shuttle toke off from the ground, entering the atmosphere. Finally, Kirk was able to muster up some words to her, 
 “Lieutenant Haimes, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said, offering his hand out to her. Emma smiled at him, taking his hand in hers, “Captain, off duty it’s just Emma.” She told him, as he lifted her hands to his lips, lightly placing a kiss on it. McCoy sat next to them, rolling his eyes as Kirk explained,
 “Well, just wanted to show that I do my work.” and that made Emma let out a light laugh, 
 “Oh I’m sure Captain, I saw you just now overlooking my resume, a bit of late work then.” She retorted back t him, Kirk was impressed by her comment back. McCoy was amused by all of this, not having yet introduced himself to her,
 “Emma, it’s nice to finally meet you, I look forward to working with you,” he told her, and she smiled,
 “The same with you, Doctor.” she said shortly, yet warm heartedly.
Kirk sat back in his seat, a grin playing on his lips. She was a reminder of himself, and it was very attractive to him. Emma, beside him, looked out the window towards the Enterprise, mesmerized by the beauty of the ships design. It certainly wasn’t like the Endeavour that she was once a doctor on. Kirk leaned over her slightly, not really saying anything, but she did break the silence,
“Quite a ship, Kirk.”

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