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Marley Rebecca Thompson
Loud, funny, adventurous, care-free.

She enjoys the beachy California life-style to the fullest. She loves swimming, surfing, tanning, and staying out late. She is very social and loves to talk to anyone. Her college life resides in her sorority Beta lota Nu. She loves it and has been in the sorority since she was a freshman.

Marley works at a small surf shop on the beach. She sells swimwear, surf boards, and anything ocean related. She also gets to teach surfing lessons through the shop.

Ben Turner.
Charming, presentable, seems like he will go far in life, but really is a total player.
Ben and Marley are dating in secret because his real girlfriend that everyone knows about is Cara Zander. Ben can cast some sort of spell over anyone that hides the fact that he is complete and total player.
Model: Nicholas Hoult

Collin Barnes.
Funny, personable, surfer, fun.
Collin works with Marley at the surf shop and they have gotten to be very good friends. His family owns the shop and has for many generations. He's always pulling pranks on the other workers and just enjoying himself. As long as life is good, he is happy.

comment if you want marley and your character to be friends. and if not comment their relationship you think they should have.
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Wrote 4 years ago
I don't really think Emma and Marley would be good friends since they're quite different but it could be fun to see how they'd interact? What with Emma being such a perfectionist and hard on herself while Marley is quite easy-going...

Wrote 4 years ago
@rockets-and-rainbows yes, i see them getting along pretty well too. they probably wouldn't be extremely close due to the fact they are in different houses, but i think when they do talk they'd enjoy each other's company

Wrote 4 years ago
i think that marley and cassie would get one pretty well :)

Wrote 4 years ago
I think that Cara would be civil towards Marley, they wouldn't be friends but Cara would be nice to her for the sake of the sorority and Marly would probably try to avoid Cara since they're dating the same man xD


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