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Hey guys, this is Lottie with my first ‘proper’ tip for @the-tip-girly so I hope you guys like it! :D <3

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Here is how to make a spa in a jar which I am making for my lovely friend Alice for xmas this year, its super easy and soooo cute!

Grab yourself a big jar like the one on the picture and clean it out.

Fill it with some lush items like these:
-Nail polish
-Bath bombs
-Bath salts
-Hot chocolate sachet
-Toe separators
-Hand lotion
-Candles(yankee candles are the best!)
-Anything else you can think of

Decorate inside by adding tissue paper, glitter and confetti.
Maybe even add a spritz of perfume to make it smell extra lovely.

Decorate the outside with stickers and a label, use a glitter jel pen to add Spa in a Jar in nice writing or write the persons name :)

Give to the person and watch their face light up with joy!

I’m thinking of doing a room tour for my next tip, comment if you want me to :)

Thankyou for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading and making :D <3

*-Stay Lovely-* 


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