My editor is whaaaaack.
I don't know what happening, but literally the publish box isn't even up right now, I'm just typing in a floating white box....

So, at my dinky little town theater, it's Bargain Tuesday, woooo!
All movies (except 3D) are 5 buckaroos. That's an exceptional deal.
Last Bargain Tuesday, my sister, our friend Drew, and I saw the Avengers. It was amaaazing, and so much fun.
We might see another movie with Drew today, but nothing's really out. Maybe Rock of Ages or Brave...
I hope we at least see something, because Bargain Tuesday needs to become a tradition. I love traditions. I get so mad when traditions are broken.
Like, my family always goes to Taco Bell on Christmas Eve after Mass, and last year we went to a real Mexican restaurant. Whaaa? Not cool, family. Not cool.

I need to write my essay, oh my GOD D:
I have my idea ready, I just don't know how to write it -.-
This sucks. I have to mail it to the school on Friday, so that gives me 3 days to getter done.

Ok, I can't deal with this publisher problem thing.
Goodbyeeeeee! (:
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